Grief is a Common Emotion for Military Caregivers

first_imgWritten By: Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Ph.D., MBP Consulting, LLC, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin – ExtensionCaregivers experience grief from the losses experienced when their service member or veteran has a chronic illness or severe injury.  Examples of these losses are, a spouse is no longer able to manage finances because of post-traumatic stress disorder, or the loss of intimacy due to injuries or the loss of a military career. I often hear caregivers say, “I wish my life could go back to the way it was before the illness or injury.”  “I never thought my life would end up the way it has.”  Grieving over losses can lead to depression or other health problems if the caregiver doesn’t find a way to accept the new reality of their current life. Many military families refer to the acceptance of their losses as their “new normal.”Adjusting to their “new normal” takes time and can be easier if the caregiver understands the grieving  process. They may physically react to grief by crying more, not sleeping well, eating a lot or nothing, having more headaches or other physical reactions. Grief is also exhibited emotionally when the caregiver is more aggressive or passive, they feel as if their life is out of control or they are sad or depressed. Some caregivers question their faith and are angry with God while others return to their faith for support and become more spiritual.  Many experience feelings of being alone, they isolate themselves, or become envious of others and their life.  Since every person shows grief in different ways it’s helpful to talk about how caregivers are feeling and how these feelings are different since their service member became ill or injured.Stages of GriefThe differences can also happen as the caregiver moves through the grief stages. The grief stages are not linear and the caregiver may skip around them. They may find themselves going back and forth between the stages of the grief process multiple times.  Grief comes and goes and often takes the caregiver by surprise when its least expected.Grief starts when the caregiver first learns about the medical condition of their service member or veteran and do not want to accept what they are hearing.  Denial includes shock, which is the body’s way of helping the caregiver with what is happening to them. The caregiver is in disbelief, thinking they are living a nightmare and hoping to wake up and find out what they heard isn’t true. It is during this time that the caregiver is uncertain about what to do but manages to get through each day.  Denial will eventually go away and for many the next stage is anger.Anger can be felt as helplessness, powerlessness, rage, hurt, fear, irritation, or frustration. The caregiver may ask questions such as why me? Why us?  Feelings of anger should be expected as it’s a normal part of the grief process and helps caregivers with their pain.  Caregivers begin to ask more questions to learn about the injury or illness, they often make changes and even become an advocate for themselves, their service member and others in similar situations. What isn’t healthy, when experiencing anger, is keeping it inside and expressing it in unhealthy ways by turning to drugs, alcohol or hurting themselves or others.  Since anger takes a lot of energy and emotion, caregivers often move next into the bargaining stage of grief.Bargaining is when the caregiver tries to change their situation by making “deals” with God or friends with hopes of making the situation go away. They ask questions of what could have been or what should have been done differently. Sometimes caregivers get stuck in this phase. When caregivers share the deals, they want to make with “God” with friends or a counselor, reality begins to set in and they realize they can’t change what has happened.  This moves the caregiver into the stage of depression. The reality of their situation overwhelms them as they experience sadness, fear, anxiety and lost. This stage of grief is necessary in order for the reality of their situation to “sink in” and be understood. By experiencing feelings of hopelessness and sorrow, they move into the last phase of grief, which is acceptance.  Acceptance does not mean they like their situation but they realize it’s their “new normal” and begin to think and find ways of adjusting and moving forward. The caregiver may even begin to think about ways to do the best he/she can in their situation and may reach out to help others. Caregivers who go through the five stages of grief come out a different person. They are stronger, have a better understanding of themselves and their situation, and are wiser on how to deal with other life losses (Family Caregiver Alliance).Tips for ProfessionalsAs professionals there are numerous ways we can assist caregivers through their grieving process including:Listening to their stories without judgement. Asking probing questions to encourage caregivers to clarify what they are feeling.Encouraging them to journal their thoughts and feelings. Asking them to think about their feeling. Are they different than before their “new normal”?  Why? How?Supporting the caregiver where they are at in the grief process. Don’t force them to share feelings if they don’t want to. Be patient with them as it may be difficult for them to name what they are feeling.Recognizing that the grief process isn’t linear and helping the caregiver realize that acceptance doesn’t happen overnight.Allowing the caregiver to experience their pain and helping them recognize it. If they have trouble naming it try to have them describe it. See if the caregiver can’t give it a name as naming it could give the caregiver a sense of control.Helping them realize how other life events are affecting their current reactions to their situation. It could include values from their family, culture influences, or religious training.Allowing the caregiver to express their anger, frustration, or bitterness as they try to make sense of what has happened to them and their family.Suggesting positive coping strategies for caregivers that they might want to explore such as a support group, an educational class on grief, or reading resources on the topic.Sharing with the caregiver the grief stages and discuss where they are in the grief process.Sharing resources, the caregiver can utilize as needed. Some potential sources include:Center for Loss and Life TransitionCaregiver Resource DirectoryHidden Heroes Library: Books for Military Caregivers By helping caregivers understand their grief, professionals can guide them to creating their own “new normal” and accepting the reality of how it will shape their life.Resources:Center for Loss and Life Transition. Grief Feelings. Retrieved on August 1, 2018Family Caregiver Alliance. Grief and Loss. Retrieved on August 1, 2018last_img read more

Video Tutorial: Unfolding Animation in Adobe After Effects

first_img1Create a new composition. Create the letter “U” and lock. 3Scale up to fill in bottom of the “U”. 6Create a new point light. 13Pre compose. 10Duplicate the letter so that each triangle layer has a duplicated letter under it. 2Create a new polygon shape layer, set stroke to 0, points to 3 and toggle 3d on. 7Duplicate triangle layers and parent each duplicate to the original. 11Parent each letter to it’s corresponding triangle (after you move the playhead to the end). 8Easy Ease and offset layers by 4 frames. 14Duplicate and flip horizontally. 12Select all letter layers and set to alpha matte. Change the transfer mode to alpha. Add and change the strokes from 0 to 2. Fold and unfold elements in your After Effects project! In this tutorial we show you how to create this visually impressive effect.In this Premiumbeat exclusive tutorial, you’ll learn how to fold (and unfold) objects in After Effects. The tutorial specifically covers folding/unfolding a letter, but you can certainly use this technique for any number of elements. We’ll cover a few advanced AE fundamentals, including:Position snappingParentingUsing the Graph EditorPrefer reading to watching? Check out the full step-by-step tutorial below.It is very easy to get overwhelmed when working with an After Effects project with many layers, such as this one. Be sure to label all your layers so you don’t get confused!See our blog for more informative tutorials in Adobe After Effects, as well as other professional video editing and motion graphics applications.Step-by-Step: Unfolding After Effects Tutorial 4Duplicate the root and snap to the center of the triangle vertex. 5Set 1 second rotation keyframes to the top layer over the X axis. 9Continue duplicating until the entire right side of the letter is covered by triangles.last_img read more

Rita Ora’s Adidas collection out

first_imgSinger Rita Ora has released the first collection she designed with sportswear brand Adidas.Ora has revealed the first of five different capsule collections of sneakers, clothing and accessories which is set to release Aug 21, reports Ora is the first female artist collaborator for Adidas in the brand’s historyThe “Black” line, which consists of monochrome items including leather high-top trainers and a patterned sports bra, is already being sported by the singer’s friend and model Jourdan Dunn and Beyonce Knowles’ daughter Blue Ivy Carter.She said: “The collaboration came about through mutual love and appreciation. I have always been a fan of Adidas Originals and respect what they stand for in their fearlessness and originality.”I worked very closely with Adidas Originals to put a personal touch in every piece with connections to my music, my career, and my life,” she added.After this line, the 24-year-old will release her Pastel range and Colourblock Packs collections Sep 4, and finally her Roses and Spray creations Nov 1.Ora took everything into account, especially her own sensibilities and tastes while designing her linelast_img read more

Canada braces for Hurricane Sandy

first_imgAPTN National NewsHurricane Sandy is expected to trigger high winds over the next 24 hours throughout southern Ontario, the St. Lawrence Valley, Quebec’s Gaspe region and the province’s north-shore, according to officials with the Canadian Hurricane Centre.The hurricane is expected to hit New Jersey at around midnight and then sweep through Pennsylvania before turning northeast within 24 to 48 hours.The hurricane will cause heavy rains and winds ranging in speed between 90 and 100 kilometres per hour throughout southern Ontario and Quebec, officials said. The southern shore of Lake Huron is expected to see waves up to seven metres high as a result of the storm.The heaviest winds will probably be felt overnight followed by heavy rains late Tuesday and into Wednesday, officials said.The Maritimes will be largely spared the full wrath of the storm, officials said, with the region facing some rain and drizzle along with wind. The Nova Scotia coast is also expected to see waves ranging in height between six to eight metres, said officials.last_img read more

Lack of contracts for Davie shipyard an injustice says Quebec premier

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first_imgQUEBEC – The lack of federal contracts for the Davie shipyard near Quebec City is an “injustice,” Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said Tuesday as he urged Ottawa to send a strong signal to workers at the facility.There are not two but three shipyards in Canada and Davie needs to stay active, the premier told The Canadian Press in an interview.Davie recently completed the Asterix supply ship and its workers were expecting an order from Ottawa for a second one.But the Canadian Forces decided another ship wasn’t necessary and, as a result, 113 workers were recently told they would be let go, while up to 800 could lose their jobs by Christmas.“The near totality of the contracts has been concentrated in British Columbia and the Maritimes,” Couillard said. “We have to reverse this and come back to something that is more symmetrical, more just and equal in the awarding of contracts.”He said there are plenty of opportunities to send more work Davie’s way such as the upcoming contracts for coast guard ships and the ferry between Prince Edward Island and the Iles-de-la-Madeleine.Couillard said Ottawa needs to “send a strong signal” to Quebec’s workers.Parti Quebecois Leader Jean-Francois Lisee said Quebecers deserve federal contracts because their tax dollars help fund the military.“If we look back at Quebec’s history with the rest of Canada, never before have we witnessed a greater diversion of Quebec taxpayer dollars to the two coasts of the country,” he said. “It’s a historic diversion of money.”Lisee said there exists a “political will to close Davie.”last_img read more

National chain backs down in dispute over name of NS barber shop

first_imgHALIFAX – A national chain of men’s barber shops is backing down in its dispute with an independent operator in Nova Scotia.Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop says it “sincerely apologizes” for a cease-and-desist letter sent to Thong Luong, the owner of Tommy’s Barber Shop in north-end Dartmouth.Luong says he received the letter alleging trademark infringement earlier this month, but that he had no intention of complying.He says he received offers from three lawyers to take his case pro bono, and a Nova Scotia cabinet minister also spoke out on his behalf.Service Nova Scotia Minister Geoff MacLellan told reporters he didn’t see how the name of a small barber shop could confuse customers or depreciate the national chain’s brand.Tommy Gun’s backed down Thursday evening through a statement posted on Twitter, wishing Luong “every success in the future.”“Now that we have all of the relevant information, we do not intend to pursue this matter any further,” the chain’s statement read.“Mr. Luong is well within his legal rights to use his name for his barbershop.”Luong, a father of three who immigrated to Canada from Vietnam as a teenager in 1984, said earlier Thursday that he was “proud” of his shop.“Every time my kids go shopping with me, and they see someone call me ‘Hi Tommy’ they’re so proud and they said ‘Dad, everybody like you. I never see a person who don’t like you.’”MacLellan said there are no issues as far as the province is concerned — Tommy’s Barber Shop is registered with Nova Scotia’s Registry of Joint Stocks and is “completely compliant.”The minister said he understands the “reputable” national chain — which has two shops in the Halifax area — might feel it needs to keep its brand equity strong.But he thinks there is room for both businesses, and he hoped they can work things out.“What Tommy Gun’s offers in terms of the consistency of the layout, the products, the services, it’s very different than what you would see at an independent barber,” said MacLellan.After finishing high school, Luong said he worked 90 hours a week, washing dishes and fixing jewelry until he opened his own barbershop in 2003, six years before Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop registered its trademark.Luong said T.G. Corporate Holdings Limited initially gave him until May 22 to change his business name and register a new name with the government.— With files from Fadila Chater and Keith Doucettelast_img read more

Nothing wrong in holding elections during Ramadan Owaisi

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first_imgHyderabad: MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Monday said elections during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan would have no impact on the voter turnout and slammed the political parties for raking up a controversy over this. The Hyderabad MP hoped that the poll percentage will be higher during Ramadan as more Muslims will go out and vote due to the high degree of spirituality they experience during the fasting month. “When Muslims fast they also go to offices and do their business. There are also labourers, rickshaw drivers and rickshaw pullers who fast. Their normal activity does not get affected,” he told the media here. Owaisi said since the states going to the polls during Ramadan will have a holiday on the day of polling, there would be no problem in Muslims casting their votes. “In fact during Ramadan they will be free from daily routine of cooking food and eating lunch.” The Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) chief was reacting to reports that some Muslim leaders expressed dismay over the schedule announced by the Election Commission for the Lok Sabha elections with the three final phases falling during Ramadan. Owaisi said as the electoral process has to be completed by June 3 and if Ramadan starts on May 5 and ends on June 4, the Election Commission has no option but to hold elections during the period. He said it was wrong to say that because of Ramadan the polling percentage will be low. “I am telling you as a Muslim that my spiritualism and my nearness to Almighty Allah increases during Ramadan.” He found fault with the political parties raking up a controversy, saying they should not use Muslims for their political ends. “As a party you should be ready for whatever the requirements may be. If you are so worried what have you done for the community. Show your record.”last_img read more

The Big Five in North American Pro Sports

Yesterday, Ritchie King and I ran the numbers on the most popular teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and the English Premier League, according to the number of Google searches they generate.The rankings compared teams within each league. But we can also make cross-sport comparisons. What’s the most popular North American professional team in any sport, as judged by Google search frequency globally?It’s either the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. Each generates about 30 percent more Google searches worldwide than the most popular NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, and almost 40 percent more than the most popular NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers. You can skip down to the giant chart at the end of this blog post to see how all teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB compare to one another.The Montreal Canadiens, the most popular NHL team, aren’t particularly close to the most-searched teams in other leagues. Does that mean there’s really a “Big Three” rather than a “Big Four”? (Disclosure: ESPN doesn’t broadcast NHL games, and the league isn’t the subject of all that much focus at the network.)I’d say that the NHL’s status as a major league isn’t in question. The average NHL team generates about two-thirds as much Google search traffic as the average NBA team. There’s a gap there, but it’s no larger than the one separating the NBA and MLB. Furthermore, there’s a lot of overlap in the rankings. The 60th-percentile NHL team (roughly speaking, the Washington Capitals) is about as popular as the 40th percentile NBA team (the Philadelphia 76ers).Keep in mind that these figures are based on global search traffic, so that includes traffic in Canada. Canada — despite its much smaller population — generates almost as much revenue and fan interest for the NHL as the United States.But if we’ve included the NHL, what about Major League Soccer, the Canadian Football League and the WNBA?We have bad news for fans of women’s basketball. The most popular WNBA team, the Seattle Storm, generates only about one-quarter as much search traffic as the least popular Big Four team, the Columbus Blue Jackets.MLS has a better argument. Its most popular teams, the LA Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders, generate more search traffic than the Blue Jackets. The Galaxy and Sounders also earn about as much search traffic as the least popular NBA team, the Milwaukee Bucks.If MLS has a case, the CFL probably does, too. Two of its teams, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Edmonton Eskimos, also surpass the Blue Jackets in search popularity.But we’ve neglected the league that has the strongest case for inclusion alongside the Big Four. You may have heard of Mexico. It has the 11th-largest population and the 14th-largest economy in the world. It’s a part of North America. And soccer is awfully popular there.In fact, Mexico’s top professional soccer league, Liga MX, is comparable to the NHL in terms of global popularity. Liga MX’s most popular team on Google, C.D. Guadalajara, produces about as much search traffic as the Canadiens, the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Bulls.So, if we’re talking North America — not just the U.S. — there’s really a “Big Five”: the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, the NHL and Liga MX. The most popular teams in MLS and the CFL are more popular than the least popular teams in the Big Five, but their inclusion is debatable, especially because they are surpassed by other leagues playing the same sport on the same continent.In the spirit of inclusivity, we’ve ranked the teams in all seven North American leagues in the humongous chart below. (Rankings are taken relative to the average team across all seven leagues, which works out to be roughly the Buffalo Bills or the Cincinnati Reds.) We haven’t included the English Premier League. The top teams in the EPL swamp everybody else in global search traffic; even the Yankees are no match for Man U. read more

Giroud dismisses United as favourites for FA Cup

first_imgOlivier Giroud has dismissed suggestions that Manchester United are the favourites to beat Chelsea in Saturday’s FA Cup finalThe Blues striker was in the same position last season when his then club Arsenal faced off against his current employers.After Chelsea’s dominant Premier League campaign, they were considered the strong favourites against an Arsenal side that had failed to finish in the top four in the league table for the first time since 1996.However, it was the Gunners who emerged as the victors in a 2-1 win with Giroud’s cross allowing Aaron Ramsey to score the winning goal.“At Arsenal, we weren’t listening to the people writing us off. Chelsea had an amazing season winning the title and they were very strong but we knew that anything could happen in the final,” Giroud told the Evening Standard.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“We were confident at Wembley. Arsenal had won it two times [in three seasons] before and it was a special place for us. I remember I came on as a substitute and crossed the ball with my first touch to Aaron and he scored. It was a good comeback and I felt pleased to win it for the third time.“Now I am at Chelsea and I want to win the competition again.“I don’t agree with the people that are saying that Manchester United are favourites. It is 50-50.“Manchester United did well in the title race to finish runners-up but our games against them were equal. We won one and they won one. We know that we have the quality to win it.”last_img read more

Haitian migrants apprehended off Inagua

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppCoral Harbour Base, September 19, 2016 (RBDF) –  A total of 117 Haitian migrants were apprehended in the southern Bahamas early Monday morning by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.While on routine patrol shortly after midnight, Defence Force patrol craft HMBS L.L. Smith, under the command of Acting Lieutenant Commander Stephen Rolle, boarded and searched a 40-ft white cabin cruiser approximately 61 nautical miles northwest of Matthew Town, Inagua. A thorough search of the vessel uncovered the migrants consisting of 96 males, 17 females and 4 children on board. The migrants were taken aboard the Defence Force patrol craft and they are currently being transported to New Providence where they will be handed over to Immigration Officials for further processing.This makes a total of 190 Haitian migrants apprehended in Bahamian waters in less than two weeks by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. A total of 73 undocumented migrants were apprehended off Abaco on September 8, 2016.The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to defending the territorial integrity of The Bahamas. Related Items:another haitian sloop intercepted by Bahamian authorities, haitian migrants intercepted off of inagua Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

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