Remembering Munich … History-making Jamaican Olympic diver looks back at German memories

first_imgIn 1966, a Gleaner article declared: “Jamaicans are naturally athletic and agile people, and we could produce divers of world class if more attention was paid to this aspect of swimming.” This bold proclamation was made just after 10 year-old Betsy Sullivan had represented Jamaica in 3m diving competition at the 1966 Commonwealth Games held in Kingston. ” … at that age you kind of know no fear. Whatever is there to do you just do it. Life is just for living at that age, you’re enjoying yourself and having a great time, totally oblivious to the fact I had qualified to a games at age 10 and the magnitude of what that meant. I was just an average 10 year-old playing with my friends, having a good time,” she remembered. “I wasn’t there to win, I didn’t have any expectations at that age, it was just a good experience and I really enjoyed it.” Six years down the road, the then – teenager, Sullivan – now Betsy Sharpe, became the first Jamaican to qualify for the Olympics in the diving event. MUNICH 1972 It will become the scene of both her most fulfilling and horrific experiences, but for the Olympian, it was the moment that defined her for the rest of her life. “That one was the pinnacle, because once you are an Olympian, you will always be an Olympian. That is something no one can ever take away from you. I was proud to represent my country,” said Sharpe during a recent chat with The Gleaner. A great accomplishment for a bright-eyed 16 year-old; still, the Munich Olympics, which were ironically marketed as ‘The Happy Games’, will be mostly remembered for the killing of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches by a group of Palestinian terrorists who had taken them hostage. Sharpe reminisced on the scenes in the Athletes Village and how that incident not only changed the mood of the Games, but also her own perspective. “I remember probably more than I want to remember from it. We could see the terrorist standing outside on the balcony with his gun because of the way the village was set out,” she shared. “The mood of the Games changed. The last time it was held in Germany, it was held in Berlin, and the whole thing with Jesse Owens and (Adolf) Hitler, and so Germany was going out of their way to try and make this a comfortable, friendly games, and that’s how we felt about it.” The extra security detail and the jubilant reactions to the false news that the hostages had been freed are all still fresh in her mind. “I was going through the line at breakfast and I had a smile on my face and the lady that was serving me breakfast she said ‘You don’t know do you? Nobody knows.’ “And I said, ‘Know what?’ And she said, ‘They were all killed.” What didn’t die for Sharpe, is the resolve that she developed from that experience. “Its not something that I usually tell people. I don’t believe in tooting my own horn from that point of view. There is something inside of me that no one can take away from me; I know what my accomplishments are, I just feel like I can hold myself up so high from the experience of being an Olympian, and I always have that self confidence and that’s what reaching that level of sports gives you – you know who you are,” she beamed. This summer, she will have company in the chronicles of Jamaican diving history with Yona Knight-Wisdom set to carve his name beside hers as Jamaican diving Olympian after his qualification to the Rio Olympic Games.last_img read more

Arnett plan to keep Waterhouse down

first_imgReigning Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) champions, Arnett Gardens FC, are planning to keep Waterhouse on the canvas when both teams meet in the secondpreliminary stage at Waterhouse Stadium tomorrow.Arnett are currently in third position on 32 points, while Waterhouse are at the bottom on 15 points after 18 games in the 12-team league.With a gap of 17 points, Arnett Gardens have no intention of giving Waterhouse a chance to crawl up from last position.As far as the man in charge of the ‘Junglists’ is concerned, it is simply a case of, ‘when a man is down, keep him down’.”We will try to keep them down as they are a dangerous team,” coach of Arnett Gardens, Jerome ‘Jerry’ Waite told The Gleaner at the RSPL weekly press conference at Red Stripe last Thursday.”In previous games, Waterhouse dominated Arnett. We beat them in the first round and we are looking forward to continue this on Sunday,” added Waite, who guided Arnett to three national titles.Arnett will be without hard-tackling midfielder Renae Lloyd, as well as Damari Deacon due to red cards issued in their encounter against Tivoli Gardens two weeks ago, but Waite remains confident that the team will leave Drewsland with a positive result.”Lloyd will be a loss, but if you notice this season started without Renae Lloyd, the other player (Jason Moore), who will fill the slot had been doing well before Lloyd returned to the team,” the veteran coach noted before sharing his anticipation of the game.”Yes, you always have to look forward to a clash of this magnitude, despite where the teams are in the standings. And, it is always a fierce rivalry. We will not underestimate Waterhouse, although they are having a bad season, so far,” Waite maintained.”In their last game, they scored four goals but gave up the same, so there are loopholes in their defensive system, which we aim to exploit. We (Arnett) have won three games in a row and are aiming at four straight,” he concluded.last_img read more

Can the new Mayor make a difference?

first_imgDear Editor,I was looking at the new Mayor of Georgetown for the year 2019, Mr Ubraj Narine, and immediately my reaction to the news was a long, deep sigh. The reason for my lamentation is the fact that the new mayor was flanked by two known characters; current Mayor, Patricia Chase Greene and Mr Oscar Clarke.Green and Clarke are already ex-officio members of the new finance committee of the Council whose stewardship so far have been utterly tainted by corruption. With such a cabal of corrupt officials on the Council, and in particular, members of the finance committee, one wonders what the new mayor can do, if anything at all, surrounded by so great a multitude of vile people.That corruption, for certain, was engineered and fostered by the very same group who placed him there. I am speaking of felons, persons found guilty of grand theft and other misconduct in public office by a Commission of Inquiry. The only thing left now is for their indictment in a court of law.So, one wonders what this latest election to the grand office of mayor is all about? Is this The APNU’s new charade to show that the much talked about “cohesion” is truly on the move, or must we conclude that the young face to the Mayor’s position is just another window dressing? The point is, when you are surrounded by such dead weight how much of a takeoff flight can Mr Narine make? This is the burning question.Comrade Narine might be well intentioned in his approach to the office, and might want to infuse new ideas, all for the wellbeing of the citizens of Georgetown, but can he, or rightly put, how effective would those ideas be? These are the burning questions the ordinary citizen is forced to ask? Can he really make a difference?To make those new and progressive ideas work, Mr Narine will soon be on a collision course with the old Guard in The PNC on that Council. It means that the new mayor would be stepping on the toes of his so called PNC friends and we are quite familiar with that real case scenario. It means that he would soon be faced with a no-confidence vote which would see an abrupt end to his tenure as mayor. So, again I pose the question, will he be another Uncle Tom like Moses Nagamootoo who now embraces all the filth he once derided when he was with The PPP or will he break free and become a patriot? Only time will tell.In this regard, I urge The Pandit to read more of The Ramayan and possibly baptise all his APNU friends in “nuff dye water” to cleanse their corrupt minds and wash away their burdensome sins. I rest my case.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more

“New buildings won’t transform UG” – valedictorian

first_img…says change in attitude neededThe 25-year-old International Relations student who copped the Best Graduating Student prize at this year’s convocation believes an overhaul in attitudes will bring transformation to the University of Guyana, rather than new buildings. Elsie Harry was the 2017 valedictorian and she dubbed her speech a ‘personal renaissance’. She attributed her success to a re-evaluation of her life’s plans, adding that her achievement was a testament to her family, faith and devotion to fully capitalise on her potentials. Harry told her peers in her address that no one is irreplaceable, hence why one should prize being of service to their community and country.“It is my sincere hope that the excess of two years sitting outside the four walls of a classroom did not make us blind to the outside world to things that matter most in the world: human contact and human impact… Do not think that you have done your duty to this country by simply graduating with your degrees and diplomas. Do not fly out and abandon Guyana. I need you to dig deep within yourselves and figure out what you can do to accelerate your own renaissance,” the valedictorian posited.UG’S 2017 Valedictorian Elsie HarryShe called on the university’s administration to improve the quality of service offered to students, calling for changes in attitudes.“New buildings will not transform the University of Guyana, a change in attitude will. UG in my opinion is a microcosm of Guyana, therefore the same inefficiencies can be experienced in the country at large,” she observed.Harry, who secured a perfect 4.0 grade point average, sees herself as one day becoming President of Guyana.“Among the graduates, there are young entrepreneurs; web, graphic and fashion designers; chefs, poets, singers, electrical engineers, accountants and future Presidents,” she said, further noting that all of the sustainable requirements to build a strong country, are right here in Guyana.Having received the President’s Medal for best graduating student, the International Relations graduate from the Social Sciences Faculty triumphed over 2000 students in the six other faculties of Education and Humanities, Health Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology.Harry was also awarded the Council of the University Prize for making the greatest contribution in other areas of university activities. She received a third award for having attained the highest-grade point average and a fourth prize – The Dennis Irvine Award – for the student who made the greatest contribution to the cultural life of the University.Meanwhile, Aarif Baksh, from the Natural Sciences Faculty copped the Chancellor’s Medal for second best Bachelor’s Degree student while Zainab Abdul-Karim secured the Prime Minister’s Award for best graduating student from Medical School. Mahendra Swinarine, who received his Degree in Public Management received the Prime Minister’s Medal for best graduating student in his field while the Pro-Chancellor’s Medal for best graduating Law Student was awarded to Kalesh Loakman. The KA Juman-Yassin Sport Award was bestowed upon Dwanye McKinnon from the Faculty of Natural Sciences.last_img read more

Brand South Africa at World Marketing Forum

first_imgBrand South Africa CEO Miller Matola willshare success stories with delegatesat the inaugural World Marketing Forumin Ghana.(Image: Nicky Rehbok)MEDIA CONTACTS • Darrell KofkinGlobal Marketing Network+44 845 838 1860  or +44 1767 731809• Oliver SchmitzBrand Finance South Africa+27 82 087 0507Source: Brand South AfricaMiller Matola, CEO of Brand South Africa, recently named the most valuable African nation brand by Brand Finance, and Thebe Ikalafeng, founder and chairman of Brand Africa, are just two of the delegates scheduled to speak at the inaugural World Marketing Forum.The event, organised by Global Marketing Network and the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana, takes place from 27 – 29 June in Accra.Attendees can look forward to hearing success stories from the chief executives of three of Africa’s most valuable nation brands.In what promises to be a powerful opening afternoon session on 28 June Oliver Schmitz, MD of Brand Finance South Africa will be joined by Mathias Akotia of Brand Ghana, Mary Kimonye of Brand Kenya, and Brand South Africa’s Matola.Each CEO will deliver a keynote presentation on such themes as The host nation speaking with one voice, One people building a nation brand together, and Holding hands to build Africa’s most valuable nation brand.Later the same evening Ikalafeng of Brand Africa will deliver a thought-provoking keynote presentation. He contends that Africa’s global image does not reflect the growth and entrepreneurial spirit that has seen the continent outpace developed economies, growing at 5% during tough global economic conditions.“Key to Africa’s growth and future are dynamic African businesses and brands,” said Ikalafeng, “and an enabling political environment that will be a catalyst for Africa’s independent agenda and economic emancipation.”Schmitz of Brand Finance South Africa said: “As Global Marketing Network’s global brand valuation partner we were delighted at the invitation to be a strategic partner of the inaugural World Marketing Forum.”He added that Ghana’s ability to emerge victorious in the race to host the event is testament to the emerging strength of Brand Africa.The World Marketing Forum affords business and marketing leaders the opportunity to listen to, engage with and be inspired by more 20 leading marketing experts from across the globe through presentations, case studies, and insights. Delegates will come away with practical knowledge on how to develop effective marketing strategies for business, for today and tomorrow.The event is followed on Friday 30 June by a marketing masterclass with Professor Michael Solomon, bestselling author on consumer behaviour, and Dr V Kumar, a leading expert on customer relationship management.To register to attend, contact the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana on +233 244 220427, send email or visit the website.2011 Brand Finance nation brand rankings – Africa:RankCountryBrand value (US$bn)Brand rating1South Africa149.7A-2Egypt79.2BBB3Nigeria56.0B4Morocco9.9A-5Algeria39.2BB6Angola23.8CC7Tunisia19.0A-8Ghana13.3A-9Kenya13.2BBB10Libya13.2Blast_img read more