Champion Title at “Kosevo”: Magnificent Celebration of Maroon Fans (gallery)

first_img[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Immediately after the whistle, thousands of fans ran to the pitch in order to celebrate with players of FC Sarajevo, and the club management led with Vincent Tan celebrated in a ceremonial lodge.In front of more than 20.000 fans, among whom there were even tourists from Czech Republic and some other European countries, as well as in front of the majority owner, Vincent Tan, the team of FC Sarajevo won the Champion Title after eight years.For a long time, finish of the Premier League was not excited as this one, because it was not clear who will win the title until the last round.Already at the beginning, the match was promising, and we waited for the first goal for 12 minutes, when Leon Benko scored for the great celebration of Maroon fans. Three minutes later, Krste Velkoski increased the lead.FC Sloboda managed to reduce the lead of FC Sarajevo to 2:1 with the goal of Zajko Zeba, and that was the result of the first half. Both teams entered the game more cautious in the second half, and especially the host, and there were no more excitement as in the first half.Knowing what is “at stake“, the team of Sarajevo played cautiously, and in some moments, it seemed like they completely left the game in the middle to guests. It was the 78th minute when Nemanja Bilbija scored for 3:1 and when the whole stadium was literary on their feet, Even at the West stands, where it is not usual, the torches were lighted, and after the goal of Bilbija, the fireworks were seen above the stadium Kosevo. From 80th minute, the celebration actually started because it was clear that Sloboda cannot reach this advantage.(Source: read more