Editorial: Wisconsin’s Governor Wants to Waste Taxpayer Money Fighting Clean Energy

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享From the (Milwaukee) Wisconsin Gazette: There’s a proposed item in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget that would waste $250,000 to have the Public Service Commission study the health effects of wind turbines. His transparent intention is to continue stalling on Wisconsin’s development of this renewable energy source, which is opposed by the real-estate sector and producers of dirty energy, including Koch Industries and Exon Mobil. Those industries have bestowed Walker with beaucoup bucks, and, as he’s proven time and again, he’s not about to let the state do anything counter to their interests on his watch — not even for the best interests of Wisconsinites.If wind energy did indeed present a health hazard for humans, the world would be well aware of it by now. Wind energy is the second fastest-growing source of renewable energy in the world — behind only solar, Wind has contributed to increasing energy independence and job growth throughout Europe and Asia over the past decade. It’s also led to falling energy costs in nations such as Germany, where 31 percent of energy during the first half of last year came from wind, solar and hydro.Neighboring Iowa generated 27.4 of its electricity from wind in 2013. The state continues to expand its wind energy program, with no reports of health problems that we could find.But there’s even stronger evidence that wind energy is harmless, and Walker is well aware of it. Five years ago, 13 Wisconsinites from all sectors were appointed to the state’s Wind Siting Council. The council reviewed over 50 different scientific studies and found no evidence to support the contention of Walker and his shills that wind turbines are hazardous to human health. The only studies used by the council were those that had appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The findings of the Wind Siting Council, presented to the Legislature in October 2014, should have marked the end of the story for wind energy deniers.The $250,000 Walker wants to spend to duplicate a conclusive study on a topic that has long since been settled elsewhere could be used in many other productive ways.  The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters suggests that the money could go to programs that contribute to conservation, clean energy, or monitoring the pollution and contamination that we know are caused by the forms of energy that Walker favors.The absurdity of Walker throwing away taxpayer money to hold up the production of clean energy due to public health concerns is laughable. Walker has never met a polluter he didn’t like. His environmental policies are extremely hazardous to public safety, including the relaxation of regulations for polluters, construction of the nation’s largest tar sand crude pipeline, which flows under every major waterway in the state, and revamping the permitting process to make it easier for operators of open pit mines to get approval without public input — just for starters.This is not a partisan issue. Renewable energy is essential to keeping Wisconsin in the game, and the hypocrisy Walker shows toward it should offend every citizen who expects our leaders to do what’s best for us over the interests of their benefactors or in the interests of their political aspirations.Of course, the Public Service Commission, which is dominated by Walker appointees, might just come up with findings that conveniently differ from all the scholarly studies on the subject. If that should occur, we hope that Republicans and Democrats alike recognize the sham for what it is.Editorial: Walker wants $250,000 to duplicate wind energy study because he didn’t like the findings Editorial: Wisconsin’s Governor Wants to Waste Taxpayer Money Fighting Clean Energylast_img read more

‘Pierro got it right’- Ambassador Henderson

first_img 33 Views   one comment Share Share Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img Share LocalNews ‘Pierro got it right’- Ambassador Henderson by: – July 9, 2012 Dominica’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vince HendersonA former prime minister who died while in office has received accolades from one of his colleagues who is Dominica’s ambassador to the United Nations.Ambassador Vince Henderson, a guest on the Next Level radio program at the weekend, praised former prime minister Pierre Charles for his “heroism” with which he led the country. “Pierro” as he was affectionately called, came into office at a very difficult stage in the country’s history, when it’s sitting prime minister, Roosevelt Douglas died on October 1, 2000 and Mr. Charles, deputy leader of the Dominica Labour Party as he then was, was sworn in to replace him.“I used to think at one point that the man had lost his mind because I remember when he made the statement that it doesn’t matter whether we win this thing or not [general elections], he has to do what is right during the austerity program and he pushed it through till his death…He was correct, I mean every day I look at this thing”.Former prime minister, Pierre Charles. Photo credit: findagrave.comHenderson highlighted the current financial crisis which has plagued countries in the Caribbean region that have had to “follow the same thing; they had to move with the VAT, they had to do the austerity programs, they had to make structural adjustments,” as well Greece, Spain and Italy within the Euro zone.“So we see that what was done ten years ago by the leadership of Pierre Charles was in fact the right thing to do. Today the treasury of Dominica, the government of Dominica is in its best fiscal health that it ever has been. Now even before we got into this program, and we’ve had quite a bit of breathing space, so even while some of our neighbors are going through this very difficult times especially in meeting their recurring expenditure, we’re able to do that and still meet our PSIP, so that has shown clearly that what Pierre Charles struggled to achieve back then was then was in fact the right way to go and today we can see the benefits of that”.He noted that Mr. Charles “sacrificed himself” by remaining in Dominica while his siblings moved on to overseas territories.“Pierre Charles … sacrificed his own future, he left teacher’s college to join the struggle, he abandoned every opportunity …his entire family had moved to the states; brothers in St. Thomas, in St. Croix, in the US, he stayed back because he decided that he had to fight that struggle and when Labour lost, he stayed building the party at his own sacrifice”.According to him, it is almost as if Mr. Charles was “driven by a passion that was almost irrational”.Meanwhile, the other guests on that radio program, Tourism & Legal Affairs Minister, Ian Douglas, who supported Henderson’s claim that Charles was correct in his decisions, reminisced on “defending” those austerity measures in parliament. “Some budgets man, I don’t know how we defended them. I mean it took us strength; an inner strength to walk into parliament and stand and speak but we all bought into it, we identified with it and I mean that is what leadership was about and we understood that that was something that we had to do for Dominica”.Mr. Charles served as the deputy leader of the Dominica Labour Party and parliamentary representative for the Grand Bay constituency for a number of years.When he died on January 6th, 2004, he had been in office for four years.His wife, Justina Charles is currently Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, having contested the Grand Bay seat at the 2009 general elections.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

LAPD red

first_imgFOR years, taxpayers have heard that the Los Angeles Police Department needs more money to protect them in their homes and on the streets. There isn’t the cash on hand to hire more cops, we’ve been told. That’s why LAPD brass and city leaders twice tried to raise the sales tax, and why they massively jacked up trash fees last year. But now City Controller Laura Chick has done one of her trademark audits, and – what do you know? – the LAPD’s problem isn’t a lack of cash, but a lack of management. The department, which oversees a $1.1 billion budget, relies on “business functions … stuck back in the 1950s,” says Chick. As city leaders go forward with plans to spend as much as $400 million on a fancy new LAPD headquarters, they ought to be at least as committed to making the department run more efficiently. After all, it’s what’s inside the building that counts.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! No surprise there. For decades, the LAPD’s biggest problems – ones that have cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars – have stemmed from the department carrying on like it’s still the 1950s, when Chief William H. Parker led a ruthless squad more concerned with controlling the city than with serving and protecting it. That mentality gave us Rodney King, the L.A. Riots, Rampart and a federal consent decree, and has only recently begun to change. So what’s it going to take to get the LAPD out of the 1950s in terms of management – another federal intervention? We hope not. Fortunately, there are signs that the department may be willing to learn from Chick’s scrutiny. That Chief William Bratton was at the controller’s news conference Monday suggests that – unlike other city bureaucracies that have fought change – the LAPD is serious about improving its functions and giving taxpayers a better return on their money. As it should be. Protecting and serving the public means more than just patrolling the streets. It also means seeing to it that neither the public’s trust nor its investment is abused. last_img read more