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first_imgI have much to be thankful for this holiday season. I have my job and a decent man for an employer. I have my wonderful family, a nice house to live in and my health. More importantly, I have my freedom: I can (even in this paranoid time) come and go at my pleasure. I can say whatever is on my mind, and I can defend myself and my family. All this is mine because I live in what is still, without a doubt, the greatest country on the planet. And anyone who reads this has the given right to disagree with every word I may write. So in our headlong holiday rush, think of this: The reason we are as free as we are is due to a wonderful document called the Bill of Rights, celebrated on Dec. 15. It is the best Christmas present we, as Americans, have. Daniel F. Taylor Tujunga Health or food Re “Elderly caught selling prescriptions” (Dec. 13): When I first saw the article about elderly people selling their prescriptions in Kentucky, I thought that’s good police work. Upon reading further, I saw that they were selling them to get food to eat. I then realized what a “great” president George W. Bush is – giving us a health program that is probably lagging behind the health services we are providing in Iraq. I also see that Bush called the new drug plan “perplexing but a good deal, and people should sign up for it.” That sounds like an Enron representative I once spoke with. Hal Gold Woodland Hills Blacks and pollution Re “Worst air in black areas” (Dec. 14): As usual, the leftist Associated Press has basic economics backward. The poor (blacks) live in polluted areas because they are cheap to live in. Nobody is going to site a smelter in Beverly Hills; the land values are simply too high. In other words, the poor voluntarily are drawn to polluted areas by iron laws of economics, which liberals are a little fuzzy about. There is no conspiracy to force them there. So long as there are differences in land values, rich and poor will automatically sort themselves out. James F. Glass Chatsworth Slavery thrives Re “Training starts to spot slaves” (Dec. 14): When some goon says he’s taking your hard-earned money to spend as he pleases, you are but a slave to your master. When that goon tells you how you will vote in an election, you are his slave. Then he tells you you cannot work for a charitable cause the “massa” ain’t getting paid. What else can you be but a slave? Yes, slavery is alive and well in America. It just goes by a different name: unionism. The union bosses take, order and extort from their slaves (members) as they please. What others use such intimidation, much as slave masters do, to keep members on the plantation? Bob Tanabe La Cañada Turning down free Regarding “LAUSD may pay for once-free land”: Where is Ross Perot when you need him? Barry Brenner Woodland Hills An orange stripe I drive to and from work every day, crossing the Orange Line busway twice at Woodley Avenue and Victory Boulevard. The primary paint color of these buses is a neutral gray, which blends with the surroundings like camouflage. Why not paint a wide bright orange line completely around the bus so it stands out? This would be appropriate and draw attention to its presence. It certainly wouldn’t prevent accidents from the stupidity of bad drivers, but that needs to be addressed by the police or by mounting a “cow catcher.” Roger Oeland Van Nuys Global warming? Re “First steps” (Your Opinions, Dec. 13): Scientists are far from a general consensus on this subject. Some experts believe that global warming does not exist at all; more, that it is no threat to humanity; and yet more, that it is not caused by fossil-fuel emissions, but by natural climate changes that take place over centuries, not just the few decades that the believers in global warming examine. Finally, some scientists and laymen alike see this new “threat” as a ploy for poor countries to humiliate and get money from rich countries, especially the big, bad United States, by playing on our sympathy and guilt. President George W. Bush’s prudence is a welcome change from the media hysteria about this issue. Sylvia Alloway Granada Hills Uninformed ideas Re “Working class” (Your Opinions, Dec. 12): As a teacher, I agree that our educational system is not working to its full potential. However, teachers have no say in how they are paid or what holidays they will receive. Secondly, why would anyone attend college for four years and then pay for and participate in a credential program for a minimum of a year in which they student-teach (without pay) for 16 weeks of full-time work, only to be told to collect unemployment during the school breaks. That is an absolutely ridiculous idea. Also, my school district would not be able to afford to pay me or any other teacher an hourly rate for all of the hours that are logged outside of school hours. Not all teachers are good, but the majority of us do not deserve to be bashed by the uninformed. Rachael Pillar Palmdale Pluralistic society Re “If not for” and “Overpowering PC” (Your Opinions, Dec. 13): Letter writers Paul Vaughn and Sion Colvin and columnist Bill O’Reilly have got it wrong on all counts. This is a pluralistic society, not a Christian society. Merchants saying “Happy holidays” or “Season’s greetings” are being inclusive, not anti-Christian. Christmas was set to coincide with pagan holidays around the solstice, as we do not know when Jesus was actually born. And those who insist that only the narrower greeting of “Merry Christmas” will do are the real PC police. David Holland Northridge Not now or ever Re “Overpowering PC” (Your Opinions, Dec. 13): Letter writer Sion Colvin is 100 percent incorrect in writing that America is “a Christian country.” America is not now, has never been and will never become “a Christian country” as long as millions of non-Christians, such as myself, have anything to do about it. Thomas R. Atkins Sherman Oaks Or lacking mercy I was somewhat surprised to see the headline “No mercy” on the Dec. 13 paper. The large headline says “No mercy,” but the story is about Stanley Tookie Williams, AKA “the murderer” in my book. I am assuming the Daily News will soon have the same headline – in much larger type, of course – and the story to follow will be about the four people murdered by this Tookie guy. Can you say “gurgle” as in the delight expressed by this Tookie guy? Ray P. Keesler La Crescenta No difference Who gained when Stanley Tookie Williams was executed? Did it bring back his victims? It is understandable but regrettable that the victim’s families want revenge. But the state’s killing a man – whether guilty or not – is ethically the same as what he did. It promotes the idea that violence and revenge are solutions to problems. We witness daily how well revenge works in Israel and Palestine. There is little evidence that capital punishment lowers the murder rate. If we were really serious about this eye-for-an-eye stuff, we should execute the sentencing judge whenever an innocent man is executed. Bob Schultz Lake View Terrace Beliefs Some people believe in “intelligent design,” just as some people believe that if you put a horsehair in a bottle of water it will turn into a snake. 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