Burlington Mayor Kiss fights back, to call special council meeting on BT

first_imgBurlington Telecom,Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss has taken issue with several aspects of the audit of Burlington Telecom. The audit offered a scathing rebuke of the city’s administration and the financials of the ailing municipal cable, voice, Internet company. The mayor said Friday the city was continuing to review the Larkin Report, anticipating a further response this week.The report was initiated by the Vermont Public Service Department in the Fall of 2009 and released December 10, 2010 (STORY). So far, Kiss said the city has identified several gaps and omissions in the report, including but not limited to:· Larkin staff never contacted or interviewed City officials or the City’s consultant Dorman & Fawcett;· Larkin never interviewed the City’s independent auditors, Sullivan, Powers & Co. (’SPC’);· Larkin’s analysis fails to include recent developments with CitiCapital; and· Larkin failed to account for BT’s current financial status and improvements implemented since Dorman & Fawcett took over interim management of BT nearly 4 months agoThe City’s ongoing review of Larkin’s accounting claims about BT also shows that almost every issue cited from the City’s management letters, in section L of the report, had been addressed by the City by the end of FY10, at least six months before Larkin completed its report. In addition, a formal process for monitoring the Certificate of Public Good (’CPG’) was addressed in September 2009 prior to initiation of the Larkin report; however Larkin failed to note this significant development.‘Our review shows that Larkin failed to understand how and when the City addressed issues identified in auditor management letters, causing the report to be misleading,’ said Chief Administrative Officer Jonathan P.A. Leopold.The Larkin Report does not discuss or address in any way recent developments related to the work of Dorman & Fawcett. The City has terminated its lease agreement with CitiCapital and, through Dorman & Fawcett, is in advanced discussions with several interested strategic and financial partners to procure replacement equipment. Dorman & Fawcett assumed interim management of BT in August 2010, implementing several changes, showing revenue levels above last year’s, and reaching a cash flow position well above operational costs. Larkin failed to contact Dorman & Fawcett about these or any other issues.‘The Larkin Report lacks credibility,’ said Mayor Bob Kiss. ‘Larkin praises the Blue Ribbon Committee but fails to observe that the City has been implementing the Committee’s primary recommendations. With the assistance of Dorman & Fawcett, the City has sought to address the CitiCapital lease while improving BT’s cashflow and the efficiency of BT’s operations. BT’s viability is of paramount importance. It is a major mistake to rely on the Larkin report. It is dated, incomplete, and contains numerous omissions.’Mayor Kiss added, ‘This report has been characterized as independent, which is not true. In reality, it was prepared for the Department of Public Service and David O’Brien in the context of an adversarial proceeding.’ Larkin has been involved with the City and Public Service Department in prior proceedings late last year related to a Burlington Electric Department rate increase. Larkin’s analysis in that case was ultimately rejected by the parties in favor of the City’s position.Mayor Kiss said the City will respond in more detail next week, after additional time to review the report. The City will also consider whether to formally respond to the report to the Public Service Board.In related news, Mayor Kiss announced Friday he will call a special City Council meeting on BT sometime in early January.Burlington, VT ‘ December 17, 2010. The City of Burlingtonlast_img read more

Editorial: Wisconsin’s Governor Wants to Waste Taxpayer Money Fighting Clean Energy

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享From the (Milwaukee) Wisconsin Gazette: There’s a proposed item in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget that would waste $250,000 to have the Public Service Commission study the health effects of wind turbines. His transparent intention is to continue stalling on Wisconsin’s development of this renewable energy source, which is opposed by the real-estate sector and producers of dirty energy, including Koch Industries and Exon Mobil. Those industries have bestowed Walker with beaucoup bucks, and, as he’s proven time and again, he’s not about to let the state do anything counter to their interests on his watch — not even for the best interests of Wisconsinites.If wind energy did indeed present a health hazard for humans, the world would be well aware of it by now. Wind energy is the second fastest-growing source of renewable energy in the world — behind only solar, Wind has contributed to increasing energy independence and job growth throughout Europe and Asia over the past decade. It’s also led to falling energy costs in nations such as Germany, where 31 percent of energy during the first half of last year came from wind, solar and hydro.Neighboring Iowa generated 27.4 of its electricity from wind in 2013. The state continues to expand its wind energy program, with no reports of health problems that we could find.But there’s even stronger evidence that wind energy is harmless, and Walker is well aware of it. Five years ago, 13 Wisconsinites from all sectors were appointed to the state’s Wind Siting Council. The council reviewed over 50 different scientific studies and found no evidence to support the contention of Walker and his shills that wind turbines are hazardous to human health. The only studies used by the council were those that had appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The findings of the Wind Siting Council, presented to the Legislature in October 2014, should have marked the end of the story for wind energy deniers.The $250,000 Walker wants to spend to duplicate a conclusive study on a topic that has long since been settled elsewhere could be used in many other productive ways.  The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters suggests that the money could go to programs that contribute to conservation, clean energy, or monitoring the pollution and contamination that we know are caused by the forms of energy that Walker favors.The absurdity of Walker throwing away taxpayer money to hold up the production of clean energy due to public health concerns is laughable. Walker has never met a polluter he didn’t like. His environmental policies are extremely hazardous to public safety, including the relaxation of regulations for polluters, construction of the nation’s largest tar sand crude pipeline, which flows under every major waterway in the state, and revamping the permitting process to make it easier for operators of open pit mines to get approval without public input — just for starters.This is not a partisan issue. Renewable energy is essential to keeping Wisconsin in the game, and the hypocrisy Walker shows toward it should offend every citizen who expects our leaders to do what’s best for us over the interests of their benefactors or in the interests of their political aspirations.Of course, the Public Service Commission, which is dominated by Walker appointees, might just come up with findings that conveniently differ from all the scholarly studies on the subject. If that should occur, we hope that Republicans and Democrats alike recognize the sham for what it is.Editorial: Walker wants $250,000 to duplicate wind energy study because he didn’t like the findings Editorial: Wisconsin’s Governor Wants to Waste Taxpayer Money Fighting Clean Energylast_img read more

Historic Step by Leaders of the Americas toward Alternatives to the War on Drugs

first_img The previous day, he had declared himself ready to debate drug use in his country and the southward flow of money and weapons. In Obama’s view, “it is wholly appropriate for us to discuss this issue.” “I’m not somebody who believes that legalization is a path to solving this problem, but I do think that we can constantly ask ourselves, ‘Are there additional steps we can take to be more creative?’” he said. The 6th Summit of the Americas “agreed on the need to analyze the results of the current (anti-drug) policy and explore new approaches, in order to strengthen this fight and in order to be more effective,” the event’s host, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, said at the summit’s conclusion. In the Caribbean port of Cartagena on April 14 and 15, the leaders of the Americas took a historic step in deciding to conduct studies on alternatives to the war on drugs promoted by the United States, which has led to tens of thousands of deaths in the region over the last 40 years. U.S. President Barack Obama agreed to engage in dialogue, although he made clear that he is opposed to decriminalizing drugs. By Dialogo April 17, 2012 Santos praised the “honesty” of debate at the summit and said that “no one dared to put the issue of drugs on the table.” He highlighted that the 31 leaders of the Americas in attendance gave a mandate to the Organization of American States (OAS) to begin that process. Nevertheless, he assessed “that the road will be a long one, because it’s necessary to denounce international conventions.” Ignacio Cano, a researcher at the Violence Analysis Laboratory of Rio de Janeiro State University, stated for his part that this is a very significant decision, because “20 years ago, this topic was practically prohibited. Just five years ago, former presidents began to talk about the issue, and today, it’s presidents in office who are bringing it up.” Santos, for his part, said that “all options are open. The OAS is going to have a series of scenarios that need to be studied, that need to be analyzed with experts.” Central America is suffering the onslaughts of the drug cartels, which in response to the war unleashed in Colombia, with U.S. assistance, in 2000 and the one launched in Mexico by President Felipe Calderón five years ago, have found new territory there for routing Colombian and Peruvian cocaine to the United States. In 2011 alone, 20,000 people died as a consequence of violence linked to drug trafficking in the isthmus, which has 40 million inhabitants.last_img read more

SOUTHCOM and Honduran Marines Train Together

first_imgU.S. Marine Captain Juan Díaz, who is in charge of the training program, elaborated: “The mission is to build an institution of Naval training to establish a pipeline for officers, warrant officers, and enlisted Troops. The requirements for the curriculum were approved in Tegucigalpa and based on the equivalent training used by the Military in the U.S.” Honduran Marines and their counterparts with the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) are training together in the most effective methods to fight organized crime groups and protect natural resources – lessons the Honduran Marines will later teach their fellow service members. “The larger objective is to construct a lasting relationship between SOUTHCOM and the Honduran service members they work with daily to build their capacity and establish a partnership based on shared values, challenges, and responsibilities.” Building a lasting relationship In another joint training operation, the U.S. vessel USNS Spearhead arrived at Puerto Castilla on Sept. 2 to participate in five weeks of training with the Honduran Marine Corps First Battalion, Spanish online daily La Información reported. There, they conducted joint training exercises in maritime, ground, and air operation strategies to halt organized crime activities. To help achieve that goal, a team of 10 U.S. Marines under Captain Díaz’s command trained with the Honduran service members from the Special-Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-Southern Command. U.S. service members have also created a training plan for the Honduran Navy, which is based on the U.S. Marine Corps’ Basic Officer School and the U.S. Marine Corps’ Infantry School. That process is similar to the one that U.S. Marines incorporated into training with Colombia’s Marine Corps. “FNH [the Spanish acronym for the Honduran Navy] believes it is important that they receive training identical to what U.S. Marines receive: training, techniques, and strategies taught worldwide in response to the changes represented by new threats, primarily drug trafficking,” Captain De Jesús explained. “The [Honduran] service members were selected from the country’s different naval bases and are receiving training on the theory and practice of personal defense, team management, diving, underwater operations, martial arts, and marksmanship.” Cooperation between Honduras and the U.S. extends beyond the Marine training initiative, as SOUTHCOM has participated in several training exercises with the FNH in May and July in Puerto Castilla. There, 80 Honduran Marines trained in night operations, maritime patrols, immersion, combat survival skills, small- and large-caliber weapons management, river operations, saving lives in combat, outboard motors, and ship maneuvers. The training also included a river course focused on piloting a ship to intercept vessels suspected of transporting drugs. By Dialogo October 16, 2015 “The goal of these training courses is to educate and prepare the naval squadrons in combating drug trafficking using new strategies, striking precise blows against organized crime, aiding the population, and protecting marine resources,” said Navy Captain Juan Antonio De Jesús Rivera, commanding officer of the Trujillo Colón Base in Puerto Castilla, in an interview with Diálogo. “The support provided to us by the United States allows us to have qualified personnel with broad experience who can transmit this learning to our soldiers and maintain control over Honduras’ coasts and maritime borders,” Captain De Jesús said.last_img read more

N Forest 2 – 1 Coventry

first_imgIt was the defender’s first goal in more than a year, since he netted in a 3-0 win over Kilmarnock for Aberdeen, but his finish was impressive.Forest ‘keeper Brice Samba had to make an adept save to keep out O’Hare’s skimming shot, but Forest were deserving of their half-time lead.Maxime Biamou was unlucky not to draw Coventry level early in the second half, when he saw his driven shot bounce back off the foot of the post.An injury to Matt Godden gave Tyler Walker the chance to impress against the club where he came through the academy ranks.But it was O’Hare who was on hand to head Coventry level in the 57th minute as he attacked a cross from Sam McCallum to flick home.Forest almost restored their lead but saw Marosi hold a Taylor header confidently.O’Hare also flashed another decent effort wide and Biamou should have put the visitors in front, but planted a great headed chance straight at Samba.Samba pulled off an outstanding save to deny O’Hare as Coventry pushed hard for a second goal.The Forest ‘keeper also had to beat Walker in a race to a through ball to deny him a chance.Substitute Sammy Ameobi picked out Lolley with a cross, but he could not get enough on his header.Coventry had looked the more likely to snatch the win – right up until the moment Taylor netted from the penalty spot with the final kick of the game.What the managers said…Nottingham Forest’s Chris Hughton: “It has been a difficult time for us with regard to getting goals and sometimes you want a break to go your way. I think we deserved something from the game. Whether we deserved a win or not is something different. But we will take it.“It felt as though, if any side was going to go on and win the game, it would have been Coventry. But just when we thought it was going to end in a draw, we managed to get a goal with the last kick. I thought we were good in the first half but my biggest disappointment was that we did not make the most of the possession we had. We did not have enough shots on goal, we did not create enough opportunities or good crosses. Our build-up play was good.“But we were up against a very well drilled Coventry side who have been together for some time. It was still a good feeling to get that win. Now we just need to take that feeling into the next game, against Wycombe.”Coventry’s Mark Robins: “We would have been disappointed with a point. I thought we were much better in the second half. We hit the post and had numerous chances to finish the game off. Then we shot ourselves in the foot by giving the penalty away, at a point when we had no time to come back.“If you touch Lyle Taylor he will go down, inside or outside the box. You cannot give him the opportunity to do that. McFadzean is saying that he did not touch him but there was clearly a coming together and as soon as he felt contact he was going to go down, which gave the referee a decision to make.“Then he picks himself up and sticks the ball in the back of the net. We have had bad luck but, having said that, we could have made it easier for ourselves by making more of the chances we created. On the upside we have played really well. But to come away with nothing is a real blow.” But then Kyle McFadzean clipped Taylor’s heels in injury time to give the striker the chance to hand the Reds three points from the penalty spot – an opportunity he took with great calmness.Forest almost took the lead in the 12th minute, when Marko Marosi made hard work of what should have been a straightforward save from a driven shot from Anthony Knockaert, with the ‘keeper relieved to see it bounce wide.From the resulting corner, McKenna planted a header narrowly the wrong side of the post.- Advertisement –  Image:Lyle Taylor scored a late winner from the penalty spot for Nottingham Forest Gustavo Hamer conjured Coventry’s first attempt on goal in the 27th minute, but his 22-yard effort was always rising well over the bar.Joe Lolley came close with a header that was deflected wide at the other end.Forest went ahead in the 30th minute following some penalty box pinball that saw both Luke Freeman and Samba Sow have shots blocked, with the latter’s effort deflected perfectly into the path of McKenna, for him to sweep a low shot into the back of the net.- Advertisement – Lyle Taylor’s penalty six minutes into added time helped Nottingham Forest claim a 2-1 victory over Coventry and hand Chris Hughton his first home win as manager.Forest looked to be on course for their fourth 1-1 draw of Hughton’s six-match tenure, after Callum O’Hare’s 57th-minute header had cancelled out a first-half goal from Scott McKenna at the City Ground. – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Eurowings opens a new line Düsseldorf – Zagreb

first_imgThe second largest airline in Croatia is recording excellent results on the Croatian market.In 2017, it had an expansion of 60% on the Croatian market with over 900.000 passengers, flights had a occupancy rate of about 90%, while with a total of 42 routes to Croatia in 2018 it expects to transport over a million passengers to / from Croatia. Encouraged by the excellent results, the inaugural flight at the new destination Zagreb-Düsseldorf, which is the fifth city to which Eurowings operates from Zagreb, was officially launched on Tuesday.In the future, they plan to focus even more on increasing the number of flights and destinations in the winter flight schedule, following the example of the Rijeka-Cologne route. “We are glad that we have introduced the fifth line to Zagreb from Germany and we expect 200.000 passengers in 2018 on these lines. We are proud that Eurowings is the fastest growing airline in Europe and in Croatia. In the coming period, we plan to further increase the number of lines and destinations to Croatia and focus on reducing seasonality in the country.”, Said Ivan Oreč, destination development manager at Eurowings.During the winter and summer flight schedules, Eurowings will connect Düsseldorf and Zagreb three times a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.The Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld, believes that the opening of a new Eurowings route on the route Düsseldorf – Zagreb, in addition to existing flights to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart and direct connection with Zagreb, creates a unique opportunity to expand the market. the city of Croatia, but also the whole country to visitors from Germany, but also from all over the world. “In this regard, I would like to point out that the Croatian capital, from January to September this year, was visited by 14% (52.302) more guests from Germany who achieved an increase of 11% in overnight stays (94.301). Also, guests from Germany are positioned among the best guests in terms of length of stay in Zagreb and are always at the top of the list of visitors to our citySaid Bienenfeldlast_img read more

National consortium aims to finish local COVID-19 vaccine in 18 months

first_imgPrevious research identified at least three different types of coronavirus strains affecting the world – types G, S and V. Ali said that many samples sent from Indonesia apparently did not match the aforementioned three types, meaning that scientists had to develop local vaccines to combat the coronavirus strain in the country.The whole genome sequencing is part of the initial stage of vaccine development, as it will allow scientists to determine the complete RNA sequence of specific coronavirus strains. Subsequently, scientists will be able to detect the antigen of the virus strain in Indonesia.Apart from doing the sequencing, Indonesia is also collaborating with several countries, including South Korea, to develop a vaccine.Local pharmaceutical company PT Kalbe Farma, for example, is working with a South Korean company for the development of a vaccine using a DNA virus platform. “Phase two of the project’s clinical trial is scheduled for August 2020,” Ali said.Topics : Indonesia’s national consortium for COVID-19 vaccine development is aiming to finish its work within the next 18 months in an effort to eradicate the coronavirus in the country.”Vaccines usually take years to develop. However, given the emergency situation, we are currently expected to develop local vaccines in around 18 months,” consortium chairman Ali Ghufron Mukti said during a press conference on Thursday.He said the country had submitted 16 complete genome sequences of Indonesian strains to GISAID, an initiative that promotes the sharing of genetic data on influenza viruses and the coronavirus. Three of them have so far been classified as “unidentified strains”, while one was identified as “type G”.last_img read more

Tarragindi home with spectacular city views

first_imgThe home at 46 Effingham St, Tarragindi.This modern masterpiece was built for the growing family. Dan and Kylie Murphy raised three children at 46 Effingham St, Tarragindi and have loved calling the five-bedroom residence home for the past decade.“I wanted a modern house that would be good for the family for 10 years and that’s what we got,” Mr Murphy said. Built in 2007, the home is on a 708sq m block and has 180-degree views. On the ground floor there are four bedrooms with built in robes to three, a bathroom with separate shower and bath, and a media room that opens through bi-fold doors to the backyard. The poolside entertaining area at 46 Effingham St, Tarragindi.On the lower level there is storage space, a 480-bottle wine cellar, 135,000 litres of concealed water storage and a large laundry. Mr Murphy said the property was great for entertaining. “We’d host a Christmas party every year which kept getting bigger and bigger,” he said. The family will miss the Tarragindi area.“Tarragindi has a really strong community that retains some of that old charm of neighbourhoods gone by,” Mr Murphy said. The home is being marketed by Michelle Huston and Mark Kearns of Ray White Moorooka. The living area with city views at 46 Effingham St, TarragindiOutside, there is a covered entertaining area with outdoor kitchen overlooking the inground swimming pool and lawn area. More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020Upstairs there is an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area with bi-fold windows looking out to city views. The kitchen has a butler’s pantry, dumb waiter from the garage, island bench and stainless steel appliances.The master bedroom has a walk-in robe and ensuite with dual basins and there is a third bathroom on this level. A mezzanine level between the ground and second floors includes a L-shaped front veranda and multipurpose room. last_img read more

GasLog Partners eyes $97 mln in latest share sale

first_imgImage courtesy of GasLog PartnersGasLog Partners has decided to put up 4 million of its Series B Preference Units for sale at a price of $25 per unit to the public. The pricing follows the company’s decision to offer the Series B Preference Unit for sale in order to secure funds for future acquisitions from its parent company GasLog.The net proceeds from the offering after deducting underwriting discounts and commissions are expected to be approximately $97,016,950.The partnership plans to use the net proceeds from the public offering for general partnership purposes, which may include future acquisitions, debt repayment, capital expenditures and additions to working capital.  GasLog Partners currently expect that this will include future acquisitions from GasLog.The underwriters have a 30-day option to purchase up to 600,000 additional Series B Preference Units from the partnership.The offering is expected to close on or about January 17, 2018.last_img read more

81% of Dominicans against legalization of same sex marriage

first_img Share LocalNews 81% of Dominicans against legalization of same sex marriage by: – May 21, 2012 Sharing is caring! Share Photo credit: topnews.aeWhile the President of the United States Barack Obama has openly supported the union of same sex marriage, the majority of Dominicans who participated in our recent poll are of the view that marriage should be sacred and between a man and woman.Dominica Vibes posted this question; “Should government support same sex marriages in Dominica” and an overwhelming 81% of our voters were opposed to that proposition.Over the past few years religious leaders have also shared their sentiments on that subject, focusing on homosexuality.Homosexuality is illegal in Dominica, though we have been a point of dock for a few “gay” cruises, one as recent as March which resulted in the arrest of two American citizens.Minister of Tourism Ian Douglass said Dominica does not market itself as a destination for people of any particular sexual orientation and there are laws governing the country, and it is expected that visitor will abide by them.12% of our readers however voted in support of the proposition for the government to legalize same sex marriage.This definitely remains a topic of interest which will continue to generate much debate and remain on the minds of citizens.The poll results are as follows:No (81%, 114 Votes)Yes (12%, 16 Votes)Indifferent (3%, 4 Votes)No Comments (3%, 4 Votes)Unsure (1%, 2 Votes)Total Voters: 140Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img 19 Views   no discussions Share Tweetlast_img read more

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