The city of China to develop a stable price plan for the Spring Festival

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to protect the city during the Spring Festival, the market supply and stabilize the market price, to meet the people’s needs of life, the municipal government from the transportation and increase meat reserves, parity sales, government subsidies, market supervision of developed during the Spring Festival for stable prices, to ensure market supply and price stability. The program from January 1st to February 15th implementation.

increase the intensity of transport delivery

guarantee supply, stable prices, first of all, it is necessary to increase the intensity of transport and reserves, and effectively protect the market supply. Organization of 10 thousand tons of vegetables transported, transporting eggs of 1200 tons. Increase the production and marketing of the relay, according to what the market lacks what the principle of regulating organizations transporting vegetables, especially about 10 varieties of vegetables and increase the public demand, higher prices, garlic, chives and pepper; tissue Xinyuan company 4 pig slaughtering enterprises and 2 cattle and sheep slaughter Patterson increase livestock transportation efforts, at 20 yuan per kg daily wholesale prices to the market supply of cheap pork 648, daily to the market supply of cheap beef 200 head, lamb 500.

– reserves of 15 thousand tons of vegetables, carrot, potatoes, cabbage, garlic, radish, green (white) Gan Lan, onions and other 10 kinds of storage varieties.

put 200 tons of frozen beef reserves, mutton, tons of live pork reserves of 300 tons, beef, beef, lamb, 200 tons, 200 tons.

limit subsidies to implement

in order to stabilize prices, the city will strictly implement measures to limit the implementation of freight subsidies, subsidies for transportation of pigs, beef and mutton, reduce the wholesale price of pork and beef and mutton, including: Pig per kilogram of 1.5 yuan subsidies, subsidies to 60 yuan per head of cattle and sheep per 20 yuan of subsidies to the masses demand; during the Spring Festival of turmeric, tomatoes, pepper, garlic and other 10 kinds of fine food per ton thousand kilometers 600 yuan subsidies, other varieties of vegetables is 60 yuan per ton subsidies.

continue to implement poultry eggs, soy products straight price limit. The implementation of direct subsidy limit of Kangxi, Mo street, weather lane, bridge, Jian Nan Xiang and other 13 major market sales of the egg, bean products retail prices, the daily supply of 25 tons of beans and egg parity parity products 14.2 tons. Subsidy per kilogram of 1 yuan, the retail price in the market based on the average price per kilogram downward sales of $1.

* farmers market to determine the amount of beef and mutton. In the District farmers market implementation of beef, mutton sales subsidies, four district arranged a total of cattle, sheep, 400, each cow subsidy of $60, each lamb subsidy of 20 yuan, the highest price of beef and mutton.



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