Xining City, the real improvement of work style

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day, Xining city conscientiously implement the central authorities on eight requirements to improve the work style, close ties with the masses and provincial twenty-one measures, strive to enhance the sense of responsibility of Party members and cadres, service consciousness, innovation consciousness, consciousness and firmness, dedication to the Party cadres to improve the performance of their duties, in 2013 to achieve the solid start. Provide a strong organizational guarantee for the work carried out.

from February 18th to 22, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the municipal Party committee, municipal government supervises the room two office (Office), organization and personnel departments deployed 24 cadres composed of 9 inspection teams to carry out the "turn style, improve the efficiency of" thorough investigation activities, focusing on the 162 municipal units, district units, window service machine the unit of work after the discipline, the cadres and workers of the mental state have conducted the thorough investigation, and in March 1st the city’s bureaucracy open informed of the situation, problems and help find enough to guide the implementation of the rectification unit. The food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of Xining City Court, city with special rectification "mediocre, lazy, scattered, extravagant activities as an opportunity, time to focus on strengthening education, based on a careful analysis of revealing problems, while the investigation and reform, clear rectification time requirements, take special supervision, effectively solve a number of outstanding issues, work style is not real prevarication, greatly enhanced the cadre job responsibility and dedication.

strengthen the city, district (county) two party government service center construction, and effectively provide convenient and efficient service for enterprises and the masses. To strengthen supervision and punishment as a means to further improve the style of cadres. Through the expansion of online complaints, published supervision and reporting telephone, the establishment of a report box and other ways to further smooth the channels of mass appeal, and strive to have a complaint door, effective, there will be investigated, to find out. To strengthen the implementation of the system as a guarantee to further enhance the ability to implement. Issued "on further strict discipline, improve the work style of the Interim Measures", "Xining city style thorough investigation work of Interim Measures", to implement the central eight provisions and the provincial, municipal requirements, a firm attitude measures are not effective, within the jurisdiction of the serious problem of the masses, to pursue the leadership especially the main responsibility of leadership. (author: Su Jianping Xu Zhifeng Jia Quanjun)

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