Xining City air pollution remediation units received rectification notice

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reporter learned from the City District of Xining City, Xining Province, since the city to carry out air pollution control work, the city district has to check the area more than 150 restaurants, three front door advertising package, transport and food waste piling up 70 site traffic wash station, site of road hardening, concentration of stacking material regional settings, 20 restaurant problems and 69 underground workers issued a rectification notice, and ordered 3 construction site shutdown.

at present, muck truck became one of the main culprits in the provincial capital air pollution. City District Urban Management Department for transport vehicles without sealing, muck closed lax, not according to the provisions of the route, take the overload load, unauthorized disposal of construction waste without approval and other issues, the establishment of special law enforcement team, together with the district traffic police and environmental protection departments, and strictly implement the 24 hour vehicle inspection work, in the green road seamount, bridge, Lilac Garden set up check muck vehicle in the south district respectively, did not conduct regular inspections of important sections of Nanchuan Road, road, 71 Road, 425 vehicles to investigate illegal transport.

at the same time, the city zone for various transport vehicles along the way along the East Nanchuan spill, dust pollution heavy, increase road machines sweep and dust sprinkler efforts, road two times a week and irregular sprinkler irrigation. (author: Wu Yachun)

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