When he was studying in Xining, he stressed the importance of enriching and developing the socialist

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December 4th morning, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing to the Xining municipal CPPCC research, engaged in the same city, district and county CPPCC Chairman exchange forum CPPCC’s work experience, experience and suggestions for future work. He stressed that the rich and the development of socialist deliberative democracy, we must pay more attention to adhere to the masses, to the masses, close to the vital interests of the broad masses of the people.

Ren Qing Jia stressed that the party’s eighteen first explicitly proposed to deliberative democracy and improve the socialist system, it is an important measure for our party to further promote the reform of the political system, and is also an important form of channel in the future to fulfill the functions of the cppcc. At present, with the opening and development of our society, the interests of various kinds of culture blend and collide with each other, provide a broad space and a rare opportunity to carry out the CPPCC deliberative democracy at the same time, also put forward new requirements for the CPPCC to carry out democratic consultation. The CPPCC at all levels of the province should seriously study and accurately grasp the profound connotation of the socialist deliberative democracy system, creatively carry out the work, and constantly enrich and develop socialist deliberative democracy.

kernel Yang stressed that the CPPCC to carry out inspections, research and democratic supervision, we must choose a topic. Not only to stick around the center, serving the overall situation, concern about the local political and economic social and cultural development of the overall situation, more attention to the vital interests of the masses and closely related things, insisted from the masses, to the masses, close to the people’s basic necessities of life, death, close to the masses of material interests, political interests, social justice demands and expectations; inspections must be thorough. To communicate with people face to face, face to face communication, understanding the actual situation, to grasp the true idea of the masses. To grasp the point of view of the good point of view, to seize the key and the root of the problem, good at anatomy sparrow, starting from the details, see the essence through the phenomenon, from small things to see a big problem; suggestions must be unique. To be good at solving the problem of wisdom and strength from the masses, from the masses to get a good solution to the problem, good measures. Be observant, good from the public opinion, the media, people’s words and deeds, with relatives and friends in communication to understand the situation, grasp the information, and according to the investigation and study, and carry out these information seriously, Quweicunzhen, obtains, proposed the original tube with high perspicacity, and actionable insights and ideas.

Ren Qing Jia stressed that the CPPCC members at all levels and CPPCC staff will be full of affection to the people, full of passion for the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference CPPCC, confident of this occupation, this is we do well the work of the CPPCC internal driving force and source of power. As long as we have such a driving force and source of power, there will be a highly responsible to the people of the spirit, there is a firm and indomitable perseverance, hard-working, old, not afraid of trouble, not afraid of setbacks indomitable will, to carefully inspect research, opinions and suggestions will be practical, effective, useful to the point. (author: Wang Keshuang)



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