Eastern grid to promote pollution remediation full coverage

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The reporter learned from the East District, in order to make the environmental pollution prevention and control responsibilities extended to city management terminals, to ensure that the first time that, investigation and rectification of air pollution problems, the area according to the municipal government called for the establishment of environmental pollution level three grid supervision system since the county area, the majority of leading cadres in the grid member of the report and investigation of illegal air pollution behavior, timely and effective play a very important role, as of now, the region has accumulated and all types of pollution problems more than and 60.

reporter learned that, according to the special meeting of the city’s comprehensive management of air pollution, the area in accordance with the principle of the party with responsibility, further adjustment and improvement of grid environment monitoring system, formulated the "Chengdong district environmental protection grid supervision work program" and "city district environmental protection grid map" to establish the responsibility system classification. The main leaders of the total catch, catch, county leaders in town (community) level three environmental supervision system of specific work, the formation of environmental pollution effective information feedback channels, each level of environmental protection supervision network into grids according to the designated jurisdiction. The level of environmental protection supervision network to the district government leaders as the main body, 1 grid units; two levels of environmental protection supervision network with 14 county-level leadership as the main body, divided into 13 grid units; three levels of environmental protection supervision network with local management principle, according to rhyme home town, 12 a community is divided into 13 grid units, area grid management, clear tasks, clear direct responsibility and responsibility of staff, a transverse to the edge, vertical in the end "of the environmental protection grid monitoring system.

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in the area of air pollution through the grid and involves many aspects, such as coal-fired boiler, coal dust pollution, market market concentration, ignition two dust and so on, by the district government timely on-site investigation, supervision, has been all rectification. It is reported that the effective operation of the grid management mode of pollution and truly implemented, with the grid to take a three coverage, the three in place, a powerful move inseparable. Grid management model has three major advantages: carpet into the shop, into the factory (field), into the unit, home, on the road…… The air pollution control policy and knowledge in short time to achieve full coverage, can rapidly improve the awareness rate of pollution; member of the grid pollution source community each position may appear on different signs, special control, monitoring the basic grid found no blind spot; the air pollution problem of illegal, quickly locked the incident regional persuasion and stop, if disposal is invalid, can immediately report to law enforcement agencies, reflect.


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