20 scenic spots in the province has a panoramic image 4A

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is to promote the "beauty of Qinghai" tourism publicity work, from August to November last year, the organization of technical personnel in Qinghai Province basic geographic information center by the UAV aerial and ground panoramic technology in Xining and its surrounding 20 4A level scenic spots in the air and on the ground to collect 360 degree panoramic image data, as of now, 20 4A scenic spots have a panoramic camera, to the end of the page released for public viewing on the provincial public service platform through data processing.

it is understood that the use of air 360 degree panoramic image acquisition technology of aerial drones, to allow the user to view the view overlooking the scenic spots, quickly understand the entire area of the picture; panoramic image ground panoramic technology can obtain the various attractions, scenic spots to see the details in the first person perspective, giving the user a feeling personally on the scene. Compared with the traditional plane image only through the understanding of the landscape, in the panoramic image data support, users can really do to stay at home to enjoy the beautiful scenery, "vital field" to get the plane image cannot bring the real feeling and experience.


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