College students can keep the new venture Entrepreneurship

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now college students entrepreneurship has become widespread, at the same time this year in order to promote the majority of college students entrepreneurship, have launched a lot for entrepreneurship policy, the college students entrepreneurship can retain the school also make a lot of college students have the courage to venture.


"compulsory course for all students to develop open research methods, frontier, entrepreneurial base, employment guidance and elective courses should be included in the credit management, the construction of specialized courses, followed by progressive organic convergence, scientific innovation and entrepreneurship education group." This is the office of the State Council issued 13 opinions of the clear requirements.

"opinions" pointed out that all localities and all colleges and universities to employ well-known scientists, successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other professional courses, as innovation and entrepreneurship classes or teachers, to form a national 000 outstanding innovative entrepreneurship talent pool.

"opinions" stressed that all colleges and universities should strengthen the professional laboratory, virtual laboratory, lab and training center construction, promote the sharing of experimental teaching platform. The scientific and technological innovation resources of all regions and universities are open to all the students in the principle, and the open conditions are included in various research bases, key laboratories and science and technology parks. Encourage all regions and universities should make full use of resources construction of University Science and Technology Park, students Pioneering Park, business incubators and Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base, as the practice of entrepreneurship education platform, build a batch of students out of school practice of entrepreneurship education base, science and technology industry demonstration base, practice base and occupation college training base.

can retain the school students leave school business   focus on supporting emerging industries

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