How to open a stationery shop specific processes

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stationery market demand, open a stationery store is also very profitable. How to open a stationery shop? This is placed in front of a lot of friends. You may also think, stationery shop to join the specific process is what? How much do you charge for a stationery store? If you have the intention to open a stationery shop, shop before it is necessary to do some understanding.

The specific process of

first to be elected in the election in the school gate on both sides, to affordable decoration is very special, the light is enough to attract the eye. Have a special point name. There are commodities to be rich, but also to catch up with new varieties. Then stationery to cheap, affordable, not fake goods, but also a replacement, refund. Treat guests gently, smiling face.

The specific process of

The specific process of

business on the books and stationery. The book is divided into two pieces, one is the national formal teaching materials (Textbook), the two is the supplementary teaching materials. Textbooks do not exist because of different geographical content, it is written by the national unity, unified publishing, Xinhua bookstore around the issue. It is impossible for you to do the textbook business, you can only sell a number of exercises, writing training and other auxiliary materials, and this kind of teaching materials in the city (or county) wholesale market. In addition to textbooks, there is a large demand for this job, it is understood that this work is directly by the school for students, so you major commodity for students is a kind of auxiliary materials and stationery, in addition, can also sell some suitable for the students’ extracurricular reading.

The specific process of

General books retail profit margins in the 20-25%, it is based on your wholesale volume size to determine the discount rate. Stationery is relatively high profit margins, retail profit margins at   50%. You can buy books to the wholesale market, stationery supplies in the wholesale market or the wholesale market are. Find this information on the Internet, you can use Baidu search software, enter the stationery  , and primary and secondary school books can be directly search.


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