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place to stand a lot of circles has been discussed, especially as the city at county level, a lot of network or a big classification does not do this, but as long as we in various search engines around the site are many, to our main information network in Yongcheng, Yongcheng Hong Kong, Yongcheng classified information network of more than a dozen stations, largely caused by this situation, do stand really is relatively easy, from the Internet to find an open-source program to modify, a local station can be opened. They say Dajiangshan easily, but the country stabilizes very difficult, in fact do the same reason, when it comes to stable website how to do, after all, the main users of this stable stable our heart.

I am a grassroots webmaster, from the beginning of the station, counted 5 years, can not say that failure can not be successful. For such a long time, I did not make a fortune on the website, this is not a successful side, but because the network I got in reality is not too much, my personal feeling is successful, and at least do stand no longer need to dig their own money now! Website, unlike a few years ago so easily although, do stand more, but rarely do the real intentions in place, too many people regard the program selected in there, no longer ask, if you want it, you can make a fortune, this money to the unbelievable, of course is not possible.

below, I put my past few years has been operating the place, Yongcheng port information is not too mature, so that we feel under, you can according to personal facts for reference.

one, do station need perseverance

also mentioned above, do stand and work in reality, need a perseverance, without this guarantee, suggest friends do not do. Do stand, I do not have the technology, what I rely on, persist, persist or persist, began construction in June 07 years, and now four years, and others asked me, I can only say that the outcome of perseverance!


two, to treat children like to manage

management should be in place, children like to manage their own management website, otherwise it can not cannot of two minds, healthy development! As one day three management one morning, noon time, night time management what you know, like the information content there is no offensive language, repeated information etc. to dispose of, of course, remove and national relevant information.

three, working with some local industries,

early station, try not to put any cooperation with you, no matter how you can get traffic from them, and their group can give you a great deal of publicity, I conducted a total of three newspapers in cooperation with DM in this period, and some businesses can also cooperate, you are on the website give them publicity, they use the publicity page to your web site play up to increase traffic.

four, the quality of the site put up


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