Broke the news a Fuzhou cattle Network extortion

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some time ago because of a friend and has been operating a website, find all the SEO information, and enter the actual operation, did not know this is a problem, so it is processing overtime, unexpectedly shortly after a fox, is non " " qq578573939 see, we insisted that is cheating, to go to Baidu report. Finally I write a letter in the past asked about the specific circumstances, he said these things to us is processed by software, if you do not put this software to him, he went to Baidu to tell the world why there is so little.

and I didn’t even have the software, do not give the people angrily mean and having no sense of shame! Did not give him a reply, a few days later he wrote two articles on the Internet attack on my website, said what page cheating can not only put the illegal page may have closed. What do I have to say about this kind of person?.


can not only through the friend checked his contact method, the original is a Fuzhou company, I do not know is not a company or maybe a person lying in the name of the company. On the Internet already heard the Fuzhou side of the company cheat more, really did not expect today I’ve met, had this thing very well, we have a kind of SEO rookie, previous behavior in the process of doing, you help me out, I changed, I also thank you very much, can the man is to blackmail approach to deal with this matter, in the face of such some people, such as the company, we can do

can only give his name, so that we can see the true face of the villain, " Fuzhou first data network science and technology limited company " Web site,, another company named " ", Fuzhou; touch network; Web site:

do not know whether the software company above has the same way, derived from others, I believe that at the same time, they also used this technique, not just in my person, hope that the company and individuals of all victims are able to stand up against the company, let no place to live.

hope to see this article friends don’t be deceived, must be optimistic about, he is "Fuzhou first data network technology Co., Ltd.", "Fuzhou touch network"

put the letter he sent us and the QQ message here. I don’t know if it belongs to blackmail


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