Read personal webmaster, don’t put ideal and youth bet on the website feeling

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the day before yesterday to see the "personal webmaster don’t ideal and youth gambling to the website" this article, very deep to me this small owners feel, remember oneself did not like the author of this article said, his ideal and youth on the site after reading was? Want to write their own online business experience, but also worried that her literary talent is not good you will be making fun today, summon up courage to write their own online business experience please exhibitions.

remember when my high school started contact with computer is that the network is a very mysterious and interesting things, with the knowledge of computer, computer that actually have set up their own website to earn a lot of money, with many young people, such as: 1232659991, [in] resources etc.. At that time, my heart was boiling with blood, I thought they were doing, why can’t I?. You can play on your favorite network, and you can make money out of it. It seemed that I had found my goal in life. I clearly remember for several nights can’t sleep sleep ah, sometimes at midnight [laughing] Oh, you do not laugh again next time you desperately to squeeze in the time of learning construction here, thought that his website technology will be successful, so a lot of bubble all day and night in the computer, even learning down a lot, but I have little smart, did not delay the entrance. During that time I often in the middle of the night was still in the computer, learning site knowledge, modify the program from doing a lot of the site, site navigation, information network, movies, pictures, but all ended in failure.

think that time is really very naive, often working day in and day out classmates and friends around, regardless of the opposition, which has a very good friend, Zhang Bohu, was because of my senses and I John, wait until they feel this friend when not lost, he has been transferred to other schools, not from his the news. Although I now run a few websites that are still available, I have made a little money, but I still regret losing my friend. I also take this opportunity to apologize to my friend, tiger. I really do not want to lose your friend, where are you, please contact me, qq:592742744


because writing is not good, I hope you forgive me, this is my personal experience, it is hope that is ready for business and has been in the network but no successful friends say a few words today, in fact, online business and not a lot of people say that difficult, is not so easy a lot of people say. It’s easy to build a website, and it’s not difficult to maintain a website, so you must have a firm determination and perseverance to manage a website. I am here to advise those who wish to succeed in online business success, do not hold too much hope, if there are other options, do not put their ideals and youth bet on the site. Of course, if you are determined to soak in this line of friends, as long as willing to adhere to, success will also belong to

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