Can you smell the business opportunities behind public entrepreneurship and innovationOnly buy 80 to

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so, the population of such a large number of users, but also hidden behind almost the same pain point demand, the business opportunities inside must be enormous!

China business service platform system can be said that almost no, mostly without starting from the entrepreneur’s own pain point, form a system service platform; this is a great opportunity, if you can operate well, seize the market quickly, then you are tomorrow’s King

from the platform operation, the market of blue that not too many competitors, then the operation pressure will be much smaller, because the potential user belongs to you just a little guide can become your target customers, but also for the user to choose the opportunity will be much smaller, and are beneficial to the operation of

2015, "public entrepreneurship, multi innovation" tide rise. The State Council issued a number of documents have been put forward clearly: the "double" placed in the heart of the overall national development, and will continue to "hit" wrecker stage, all levels of government support for the "double" is still in the overweight. The "double" is a powerful driving force to promote the development of the important driving force of economic development is to share. In the present, the atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation is taking shape.

through the survey found that the current domestic market, specifically for entrepreneurs in preparatory period of integrated business service platform basically no, but most entrepreneurs are common following these pain points: the project has no money, no one project, money to find suitable projects;


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2, the market blue ocean, so the operation without pressure, competition is small;

why is it a good time to enter the market at this time?

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3, the cost of promotion and acquisition of users is very low,


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At the same time there are some !

we can start from the two aspects of localization and differentiation, to the style of play is the best policy, for example:

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because of the presence of relatively few competitors, so we obtain a single target of the cost is very low, but when the market gets exponentially after the Red Sea, the target customers would cost, and choice of users is large, will make your operation promotion sharp increase

if you want to run an entrepreneurial service platform, I’ll give you two suggestions:

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1, the venture services market is still in the country, "blue ocean";

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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data show that the first half of 2015, the new market is 6 million 800 thousand, in the first half of 2016, this figure becomes 784, a growth of 15%; the new enterprise is also an increase of up to 20%, while new business assets amounted to 3 more than 1 trillion yuan, more than 10 thousand in revenue of GDP billion yuan, up 0.6 growth stimulating percentage points.

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