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to train single product advertising is not a loss, it will take profits of goods for accounting, such as our goods is 89 yuan, the cost price is 39 yuan, the profit is 50 yuan, then this is the goods we support train advertising costs 50 yuan, as long as the goods are traded within a click to spend 50 yuan a commodity, so we are profitable, so the train of goods must be profitable goods, this advantage can enable us to open a higher price for keyword bidding, to improve the display quantity.

has been at work since the first two years of school, and has often been on the Internet since he was at work. Read a lot about Wangzhuan things during that time, feel the charm of a great Wangzhuan began to try. After a period of time of exploration, also taught a part of tuition, finally found a lot of what make the number of days is basically not feasible, has started to lose confidence! Inspired by online Taobao friends in a chance, began to switch to do the electronic commerce of the road. After careful analysis, because they have a large supply of tea on the business advantages, they decided to start selling tieguanyin.

has just started a small shop on Taobao and found it very difficult to operate. Now, Taobao is so commercialized that the possibility of not investing in it seems to be very low. Look at the major search engines so many people in the tea bidding, I think if you have your own web site should also be able to do. Downloaded a set of programs on the Internet and collected the data and began to do it. Because there is a certain understanding of the original SEO, began to optimize the site slightly. Optimization is time, and after a period of patience, and finally a little effect, and began to pick up one or two customers a month, the effect is not so obvious. But after the accumulation of customers of time because individuals do, profits are relatively low, customer turnover rate is still very high, customers gradually increased, and now the average monthly income of 10000 pieces. But in fact, I now IP site only a few dozen IP a day, but why can I have such income, I believe that only people who have done tea can understand. Here to want to do online shop friends to wake up, can do that kind of consumer goods, just like tea, like that drink to sell the product, this kind of customer after time accumulation, the effect will be very good.

two and on through trains

3, if you have the time, you can also apply for some large Blog websites such as: Sina, NetEase, dispatch, and gold

follows the "through train" revision as a comprehensive ranking, highlighting the merchandise with merchandise pictures, and buying locations here to rise, occupying the important spot of the through train selling point display. Pictures of goods are the number one pictures when they are uploaded. Since the direct vehicle calls the first picture of the product, it focuses on optimizing the first product picture. Pictures should emphasize the selling point of the goods, whether it is emphasized in words or in pictures. It is a prominent selling point, which is the optimization target. For example, the goods on the bus are virtual

three, the picture of the goods on the pass

today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about how you run it. My shop is called "green tea". If you don’t speak well, please forgive me and give me some advice.

2, every day to increase some external links, the so-called "outer link" is friendship links. Find Tieguanyin related sites, included normal, not by shlf1314 and sh419 drop right, snapshot updated every day, site: ranked first, PR try to find high, so to your station is the most favorable.

according to the consumer’s attention habits, we can sum up the goods through the car must be pictures, buy highlights, sales, and finally the store’s high praise rate. Of course, the profits of the goods must be objective, otherwise, it is difficult to pay the risk of direct vehicle advertising costs.

is concerned with the pictures of the goods

Demand for goods on

ensures that the real-time demand on the train is the largest. A simple example is that we can’t get a winter dress for summer because few people buy a dress in the summer and wear it for the winter. As a result, goods with little demand should be abandoned. How can we accurately grasp the needs of the commodity market, this information can be obtained through Taobao’s promotional activities in the goods?. For example, the focus of Taobao home page, today there are shops do sunscreen advertising, then we can get, sunscreen demand is relatively large real-time demand.

is concerned about the sales of goods

1. The profit on the through train commodity

1, the content is best to update every day, at least every day to write an article. Of course, the best is original, that is shlf1314 and sh419’s love, but also can imitate, try to write some articles and pseudo original, if it is related to Tieguanyin, pseudo original that will modify the original articles to become spider will visit, the content should be marked you promotion Keywords, but not too much, otherwise it is easy to cause the sh419 drop right.

first of all, through the car must be based on the consumer goods into the shopping habits of the optimization, the general consumer through direct car advertising click into the shop, first of all, three points of concern.

as long as there is a certain advantage of the goods to support the cost of the entire train, will not lead to shops in the advertising process spending more than income. Then the optimization of advertising goods is every owner must do one step, so as to enhance the conversion rate of the product, conversion rate = volume / browse volume *100%, train to the store to bring accurate views, but cannot guarantee the store volume, want to enhance the turnover of the store, must be in the commodity the picture, described efforts.

is concerned with store credit and credit rating.

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