Site optimization personnel allocation problem is how to coordinate internal departments

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third, regular exchange of learning and training. Because Shanghai dragon team is a collective, probably in the working process of all the tents, and find the mother. With none of my business, an armchair attitude to work, but it will certainly be passing phenomenon appears in the work, you said my reason I find your problem, so the team will undoubtedly become a mess, and regular communication, summarize and exchange, learning is to help us resolve each other between the diaphragm, the best method to meet everyone, "

second, how to effectively manage the whole team. In addition to the detailed division of labor, as managers we want results, so the whole project in this process should also clear the duties of these officers, enthusiasm as supervisor and we should mobilize everyone to work. Let every man give the best play at work, so a lot of time incentive and punishment system is must have. For good performance can give praise, for the problems existing in the work and the employees of private communication, in short, we must cooperate, you can give full play to the maximum value of each individual.

optimization how to coordinate the distribution of personnel within the Department

second, website editor. It is mainly the update and writing as an editor should at least for the basic knowledge and understanding of Shanghai dragon concept because the layout of the keywords, the long-term construction and articles, editors should have the most basic writing skills and the concept of reasonable implementation in Shanghai dragon.

first, analyzed the structure of Shanghai Longfeng Department personnel. With his understanding except for the supervisor also has three staff including the website chain specialist, content editing and website graphic technology. There is no doubt about the importance of the chain, although the current love Shanghai has repeatedly stressed the need to weaken the chain, but a lot of times website weight lifting high weight of the chain is very large for the influence of the website, the Commissioner of the chain site outside the chain is mainly responsible for mining and construction, mainly to the quality as the core, the chain weight is very high important for the website especially now, the chain of increasingly scarce resources, many platforms have banned links, so the chain Commissioner must have their own set for high weight link method.

many small and medium-sized companies have Shanghai Longfeng Mannager, general manager of website optimization as we may in addition to considering the work itself, personnel allocation problem, also need to pay attention to the whole team so, how do we do it? Well, let’s talk a short, into today’s topic, the website of Shanghai dragon.

finally, web design and technology. In general these two positions can be served by one website, art and technology is responsible for the task of website structure and code optimization, the quality of the structure, the continuous improvement of the user experience without technology and art is a piece of paper talk, then, in this case, the role of technology is very important, art and technology necessary to enhance and improve the user experience.

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