Guizhou how high was the traditional enterprise construction in Shanghai Longfeng optimization team

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Guizhou once thought: a complete, standard Shanghai Longfeng optimization team needs 1 – 10 months since. As the director of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon specialist, modify the contents of connection personnel, construction personnel, data analysts, programmers, artists. If the cost of thinking can make a few stem from a live, that is all.

three, modify the contents of personnel, which is based on the revised standard compilation and keyword content with articles, first is a pseudo reference and reference. The general title of the compilation and the compilation of the trick must have. The primary work is to modify the job site, as long as the content is good to catch users.

in Guizhou was high above the network is a complete Shanghai dragon team.

four, connecting the construction personnel, as the site link exchange. Each blog channel content and connection construction. Forum posting signature etc.. Reasonable use of bookmarks, quiz, favorites.

twenty-first Century is the team’s, is also the era of the internet. Every traditional enterprise knows, if not transition to the Internet, the analysis will face collapse. Because of the traditional enterprise Internet not understand, so it is often some Internet companies to flicker. So the traditional enterprise is how to build Shanghai dragon optimization team ideas, so how to optimize Shanghai dragon team construction. Guizhou is now high once network share with us how many people need to optimize the team Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon team how to optimize construction.

six data analysis, there must be a special person to change the record, calculation of search engine traffic to report to Shanghai Longfeng manager, and report the data to our question, and how to obtain higher flow plan.


The direction of combination and construction of

, a director of Shanghai dragon, is mainly responsible for the co-ordination and management company of Shanghai dragon. Detailed results are summarized as follows: to Shanghai dragon policy, Shanghai dragon all the strategic plan, Shanghai Longfeng external connection and content construction strategy. Coordination and communication, and the other part includes communication, also includes the proposed Shanghai Longfeng part of internal mission and plan and perform. Competitors analysis, explore the high conversion rate of keywords. Site architecture planning (also can be merchandise manager).

two, Shanghai Longfeng specialist, first served as the title of the page, the text keywords scatter correction, add and revise the label and adjust the internal connection. So Shanghai dragon must know more specialist knowledge can do Shanghai dragon website title, internal connection etc..

five, programmers and designers, according to the Shanghai Phoenix manager planning website structure, website of internal structure, classification and standardization of URL and adjusted to. The standard is the need of Shanghai Longfeng company manager said to the manager and the commodity exchange, after the commercial arrangements for skills section part.

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