The era of big data, everyone needs to do website data analysis

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many people in 2013 is defined as the first year of big data Alibaba, one of the three development directions of the data is large, in fact, Alibaba and financial direction of the platform and horse to personally shot logistics is based on data as the basis for the operation. The development of many financial programs is also very concerned about the big data technology, CCTV2 dialogue for two consecutive episodes of big data era, brainstorming for three consecutive episodes of big data era, at the same time also talk about new wealth in the broadcast also big data intrusion to the program. It seems that big data has left us very close, but most people still don’t realize, such as the movie house of cards and China film lovelorn 33 days, these are successful works based on big data birth, big data is very influential, worthy of all attention to national government agencies, to individual enterprises, will occur disruptive change.

In fact,

this is the Internet and the Internet of things after a big gold, but for many people is still very confused, do not know how to study the application of these data, not to mention the effective collection. Many methods of data collection, analysis of data is various, such as Google how to predict a movie’s box office number is mainly carries on the analysis from four aspects, the first is the search amount of the trailer, and then clicks, play like the movie is, there is a factors don’t remember. Iqiyi CEO Shanghai did love yu ridge with simulation, but the accuracy rate is very low, he said in Chinese four dimensions is not enough to analyze it, there may be more factors.

even love Shanghai don’t do things, data analysis of the industry in China is really not mature estimation, everything is just beginning, for example. Long before I realized that a data for the importance of the website, but searched the entire Internet, in this almost is a blank, can not find a good tutorial for a particular website data. Of course, analysis of the data itself is not a easy thing, the first step is to acquire the channel, followed by the methods of data collection, analysis of data integrity and data dimension, which part of the deviation will lead to the error of judgment, make data analysis need very tight logic to do.

personal feeling China Shanghai Longfeng community is a state of confusion, not a very good standard and process, of course, the first thing to say is Shanghai dragon itself is not a standard thing, so it is difficult to. The founder of the forum in light-years Ping has put forward a very good scientific concept of Shanghai dragon, it is a pity that this idea is not carried out when not playing with us, the forum was closed, the legend of the others play to foreign trade. He heard the two in the open class, feeling it to understand the data on the website should be very deep, he spread the concept of science of Shanghai Longfeng established is all based on the data, use the data to speak, each step by step analysis. As long as you analysis dimension is large enough, can find the site cause basically, do a real controllable Shanghai >

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