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, 1 new on-line 20 days included

station before the competition with each other? Certainly not the original high quality technology, who all know, should be the experience and resources. Think of those big companies in charge of Shanghai dragon how to do, certainly not to write the hair of the chain, in addition to the formation of the management team, not to expand the rich resources.

can bring profits for the enterprise, is the best. There is now good optimization effect is not difficult, two or three months, or even half a year also jingruchuzi. How to do, or wait? It’s better to take the initiative to buy some Links or news source chain. In fact, can not spend much money, even more than the high love Shanghai advertising and your salary is low for many times. As for what effect, to see more internal ranking good site

3, to spend money to do the optimization of the

a lot of people do optimization, give myself a limit only study competitor’s website. For example, you are Guangzhou decoration company, optimization of learning is the good ranking Guangzhou decoration company website. Why not push one step as boundless as the sea and sky look at the decoration industry, good website, and even network marketing is particularly fine health, weight loss, beauty industry. LEE has more than once said, mogujie贵族宝贝 had recommended the beautiful Shanghai Longfeng optimize it.

love Shanghai update rankings change, rise or fall is normal. In fact, yesterday afternoon to show, the A5 station network as an example, before the show snapshot November No. 08, yesterday after the change in November 15th. Don’t guess wrong, the A5 webmaster rank increased. In addition, Shanghai seems to let go of the inside pages of love many website. Or, wake up, long tail keywords within the page’s ranking again. Well, and love Shanghai acquaintance, really need to calm heart. Not this time, home exercise, and the next opportunity.

experienceWhat is the !

2, love Shanghai changes conjecture

November 22nd, love Shanghai small update rujierzhi, standing in the roar of Changye as in the past, some people worry about joy! Some websites ranking all right down, some traffic increased greatly. The author of the two sites: the old site ranking has dropped, the new website ranking. Here to say, personal insights this love Shanghai small optimization update.

new website, is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. An interview, the deep memory of rhetoric for a long time, the other asked: is there a website? Well, three minutes of silence, then the initiation of the idea to do a website. A new optimization is full of experience, here are a few details: before all the best debugging, do not engage in a robots.txt ban grab; 301 to do, can not do the station with the absolute address, domain name love Shanghai love crawl without WWW; the best prepare enough, a good part of the plateau essential.

the above point of view, seemingly.

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