Li Keqiang answers a reporter to ask, what does he say about nternet pioneering workThe domain name

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, my wife and I bought 9 domains at a very cheap price, all 3 and 4 websites, and spent all the deposits except the gift of marriage. His wife always support my point of view, put the money in the bank, will not change much, only with money, so this is very strongly support I do this thing, and we didn’t have kids, and I was a civil servant, the pressure of life is relatively small.

Li Keqiang said, he also has online shopping experience, recently also bought several books. "I would like to advertise for new formats such as online shopping, express and drive e-commerce, etc.." Because it brings great employment, creates jobs and stimulates consumption, people tend to be more enthusiastic about online consumption. Li Keqiang expresses, oneself ever went to the village that a net buys a shop to concentrate to have seen, there 800 households opened more than 2000 shop net, can see the space that poineering work has how old.

when it comes to business, certainly a lot of people eyes open company sell picture, but with the development of times, especially the rapid development of the Internet, at present, many entrepreneurs have not the kind of picture you see the same, perhaps at home can now entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial way everywhere, and everywhere.

I was originally a civil servant, mainly responsible for the official website of the unit’s website updates and maintenance. Maybe a few years ago, maybe five or six years ago. When I saw some Chinese city names being registered or bought back, I thought I could make a small amount of pocket money if I caught up with them. Give this idea to the daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law agrees. Father in law is a self-employed computer selling computer, although it is self-employed, but it is the enterprise’s business license, and then put the address, information, what are anchored in his.

market wrecker stage, we will continue to do more in this area this year. To further relax market access, the implementation of one license, let some enterprises in the service sector registration, do not be so strenuous. Also to wrecker stage, especially Small and micro businesses on corporate entrepreneurship, we should provide more low rent business space, to entrepreneurial wings, but also through the government guidance funds to attract more seed fund. At the same time, we need to further reduce taxes and reduce costs so that these enterprises can travel light.

The activity of

so cover these domain names, and in sh419 stick, mop, Tianya and other forums, with these 9 domain name moral rally hype. About half the time to buy, I the domain name in A5 medium hung, let the customer to help me sell, also do not need to charge. Probably hung for a few days, on the purchase price of more than 3 times to sell one, when my wife and daughter-in-law also opened a bottle of red wine celebration. From then on, I became the two dealer in the domain name.

solved these problems, the following is where to find the domain name resources, the original intention to register themselves, and many have been registered. Transfer only to find other sites, compared to several large domain trading site, eventually decided to choose the resources in the A5 Adsense nets to tell the truth, because their customer service is very patient to tell me the detailed steps and security domain name transaction, before choosing this.

market to stimulate the need for the government to stage

public entrepreneurship, multi innovation, is actually a reform of


some friends have to learn to make money my way, to tell the truth, it is not advertising, I recommend to them to the A5 trading platform to see, because I am a profit from the other, I didn’t go to the website domain name transaction transaction, so people don’t dare to push into gehenna.

Li Keqiang answers a reporter to ask, what does he say about Internet pioneering work?

Internet business space can cocoon into a butterfly

in the first spring festival of domain name speculation, earn a lot, to his wife bought Sagitar, during the Spring Festival at home staying-up late on new year’s Eve.

Li Keqiang replied: "public entrepreneurship, multi innovation, is actually a reform.". This is also a historical inspiration. Recalling more than 30 years ago, it is precisely because of the implementation of the contract system policy, mobilized hundreds of millions of farmers enthusiasm for production and management, but also because of allowing the flow of population, hundreds of millions of migrant workers into the city, creating a miracle of China’s economy. I have been to many cafes, public record space, where young people have a lot of ideas, their products can be said to be driven by market demand. It is in the folk master ah, can a silkworm cocoon.

wreckerThe need for the government to stimulate the vitality of ?

on the morning of March 15th, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council met with Chinese and foreign journalists interviewed at the three session of the twelve National People’s Congress in the Golden Hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the people and answered questions posed by reporters. Li Keqiang spoke a word popular recently on the Internet called "air", "I think, standing in the" flow Internet plus "outlet, will make China economy fly".


I’m L, because I like the death note most of the time. I use L as the code name for convenience and confidentiality. I am engaged in the Internet industry, is a professional domain name, two traffickers.

, as a reporter asked, "we have noticed that you have repeatedly stressed the importance of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and considered it a new engine of China’s economy.". But some people say that entrepreneurship is the people’s own thing, is the behavior of the market, then why our government still hold such a big heart, with such a great force,


lead: Li Keqiang spoke a word popular recently on the Internet called "air", "I think, standing in the" flow Internet plus "outlet, will make China economy fly".

to say my own story, may make you feel a little fake, but it is true.

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