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is the end of the year, the major portals are busy up ten events in 09 years, but the electronic commerce B2C VANCL also seems to be too busy to expand the brand and lowered the price of spot sales, but sales of the VANCL in the end how to estimate only their sales department to understand. As e-commerce promotion veteran, vintage of cheap to promote all aspects of is well known, although the method of VANCL promotion is every webmaster interested in the topic, this paper does not intend to VANCL promotion strategy to make a comprehensive analysis, just want to the network alliance failure and the reasons for its failure are discussed.

How to do the

alliance, its core is a win-win situation, but there is a real win-win, estimated to have experience of people have had a profound experience, and in order to win, must have complementary resources, a win-win complementary resources just talk. VANCL, vice president of bell Kaixin delivery network alliance plan, let their banners fluttering in every corner of the Internet, but not too expensive, baidu Google, forget it or pay per click,! Into a good idea. China has about one million professional and industry characteristics, website,. With the help of the power of the long tail, can be any one corner of the VANCL advertising to the Internet, more important is to put on the website according to the effect of advertising is split, every sale of a single commodity, VANCL to split fee website alliance agency 16%~ 18%, without the need for advertising fees paid in advance, really is a good idea.

16% into proportion also let everyone envy, buy a count of a really good idea, but the webmaster brothers? Put ads, wait for the money, it seems to be a "win-win" opportunity, but to think further, if the ad is not a lot of money, why not change the game, lottery advertising? If the advertising costs considerable (such as some fashion forum), then the moderator and weigh, put and let people earn a lot of money, why not own self built sales center, a ship like stuff, and raised her, and then kicked the supplier, whose goods more marketable. Purchasing from whom, the idea is good, but others VANCL already blocked the road you have. Vancl Union rules, so the deal must be handled on the VANCL platform, which means that customers buy once, it will become VANCL customers, rather than your customers. In fact, from your customers pick out potential customers, a one-time payment of your expenses, it is estimated only "single win", so there are a lot of potential customers to buy Shirts website will not be so short-sighted, all of their clients over to each other, so the VANCL alliance should be extinct? Why he also exist? Let’s take a look at the mystery:

www.google.cn type "vancl.com/websource/websource.asp>"

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