Asia’s top domain name.Asia fully activated

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      ad hoc non-profit organizations reported in September 24th operating.Asia top-level domain name registration DotAsia, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the four leading Chinese registrar, start the registration of this important program in the area of the top level domain in the largest market in the world, to lay a solid foundation for the expansion of the registered.Asia domain name completely.

extends.Asia enables companies and individuals to lock the world’s largest Internet community, and to provide a new platform for the search for relevant information in asia. And enhance the company’s brand and online identity linked the new top-level domain for the company, brand and market marketers can highlight the company attaches great importance to the Asian market.

DotAsia and ICANN four officially recognized the domain name registration business leaders formed a strategic partnership, the four China registrar is based on: China million net, net, and 35 new Internet era of the Internet, will be responsible for China institutions or enterprises to.Asia top-level domain name registration application. This strategic partnership is particularly important for DotAsia to help Chinese companies build their brands in the global market.

Vice president of the

DotAsia community relations Joe Mr. Jing said: "this four registered business has the fastest growth rate in the global market, completed a total of about 9 million registered domain, is the main power Chinese Internet market development. This is the first time the four major Chinese ICANN registered at the same time ready to launch a new generic top-level domain name registration services, highlighting the full confidence in.Asia. Business registration is the key to our success, we believe that Chinese and China area registrar will lead and promote the registration of.Asia strive for further improvement, the power of this market is an important factor in our choice of Chinese as the region to start the.Asia priority registration period."

Chinese nets will be held today immediately launched a pre registration procedure. Other registrants will also start the global.Asia priority registration period, that is, in October 9th began to accept the registration application. The government reserved name and registered trademark will be able to register the.Asia top-level domain name and contact the Registrar immediately.

Chinese network president Zhang Xiangdong said: "there is no doubt that the.Asia domain name in the China market potential is extraordinary. Local Chinese companies are actively seeking to penetrate the Asian and global markets,.Asia will be the basis for China’s enterprises to cover a wider range of customers and decisive means. With our expertise in managing the domain name registration process, we are confident that we will work with DotAsia to provide excellent service to our local companies."

priority registration period will begin in October 2007, and is divided into three stages.

The first stage

"priority registration period" (SR1) specially reserved for government agencies and the.Asia domain name, registration procedures at any ICANN accredited registrar, and DotAsia will Chinese government set aside special domain names such as www>

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