Site construction site to carry out rural combat

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for the recent site chain in Gansu, Sichuan, Guizhou, the new rural market share has been increasing, while the official website to publish this data. For peer friends. How to establish an effective and practical e-commerce platform in the rural areas, the scope of the company’s Web site construction business has changed, but the competition between enterprises is increasing. The status of enterprises in the electronic commerce network to seize a seat, from the city to the countryside is an era of significance.

in the construction of the site we often have to come into contact with the help of enterprises to do the planning, positioning the type of enterprise website, where you can understand the small, medium and large enterprises of 3 categories. In different types of different planning methods, corporate culture must be large or medium-sized enterprises. Because they need to show their own strength with the corporate culture of enterprise products, they are often too much emphasis on product description. I used to have an iron and Steel Group’s Web site development case, if we only focus on the description of their products can be manufactured ships, or abrasives. It seems that the enterprise is too much of the product, we also know that the famous domestic iron and steel enterprises. Such as Shandong, Jinan Iron and Steel Group, Wuhan iron and steel (Group), Baosteel group. If we only focus on the product and ignore the embodiment of corporate culture, then we will surface that this may be a trading company or sales company. It is understood in the process of analysis do we have to learn


is now a case to show to everyone, I hope you have a point of view and willing to explore QQ357461525

customer: Gansu * * * potato purchasing and marketing cooperatives

design: Dongguan trading computer technology Co., Ltd.

production: site chain

enterprise how to build a website? How to develop the site after the establishment of e-commerce? With these questions. Station headquarters (referred to as the sale of the company to help your company) related to the products of potato made the investigation and understanding of the Internet portal and search engine, and make the following program, hope to use our solution to help your company get better grades.

Description: enterprise website is equivalent to the enterprise in the Internet business is a facade, good-looking website traffic and features, here can be understood as a good corporate website to effect and professional clean, as we see the mobile phone shop, so when decorate it with some of the characteristics of producing mobile phone shop, store signs the name is the site, location determines the flow of mobile phone shop. Mobile phone store products that consumers like, the same is true for corporate websites, but the Internet is also higher than the local mobile phone shop, the Internet has no geographical restrictions. Web site traffic determines whether the site has its own key words, whether in their own counterparts have their own advantages.

a, site positioning

site positioning refers to the development of the site is located in the small and medium-sized enterprise website, where we do a large enterprise web site is more inclined to enterprise

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