After reading these articles, began to cherish the entertainment variety

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In 2016

net China which strong? "Mars" CIA certainly is one of the best, "topic" Mars intelligence agency programs have come from Youku big data, let the audience to explore novel in laughter……

recently, the Mars intelligence agency released a series of documents:

: the lower down down down down down down down (Swiss Hin



I found that some people do not eat fat ——————————– not fat, is tired.

blowing cold wind on the road, will eat sanitation workers, hard work can not gain weight, and consciously do not litter so that they can sit down to eat a full meal.


I found that some people how to eat not eat fat C lazy! We are fat and…… .

go by riding a donkey to the shuttle in the high streets and back lanes oh we send takeout to feed us, how can they look fat?


I found that

is a mature active wear long johns —————————- grandma’s trousers, more mature


not to wear long johns etc. the old cold legs and no object, who serve you



I found

heard that you lost " " it is Tianlaizhiyin ————————— Li (positive) appearance (indeed) is a response to " "

; you are!

hard times that you are fat is a boast, and now it is only to say that you are thin is the real praise ~


I found a thin face, can save a lot of cosmetics in face as the smiling faces of

external aesthetic regardless of how the change with time, a happy smile is the same beauty.

walked up the warm heart of the copy, but also impress people impressive ~

start from the details, but more humane care yo ~~~


is also a contrast with the program style……

positive energy class copy

Before the

variety "ultimate challenge" fire from members of the characteristics, emphasize the limits of two words, the style of product.

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