n early August 124 thousand a total net increase of Chinese domain gains reduced 2.7%

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IDC network (idcps.com) on 22 August 08 reports: according to the latest WebHosting.info data show that as of August 18, 2014, Chinese domain total reached 8591028, growth and stability. In the early August (2014-07-29 to 2014-08-18) during the total net increase of 124846, the chain rose in early July, reduced by 2.7%.

(Figure 1) China domain name registration volume distribution map (07/14/14-08/18/14)

Figure 1 shows the

observation, in early August, the domain name registration situation Chinese stable, the total rise gradually, growth is good.

next, please comment with the IDC network with China’s domain name in the first half of August the total increase or decrease.

(Figure 2) Chinese domain name change (07/28/14-08/18/14)

look at Figure 2 data, IDC review network was informed that in early August, the total number of Chinese domain names rose from 8466182 to 8591028, an increase significantly. Especially in the first week (2014-07-29 to 2014-08-04) and third weeks (2014-08-12 to 2014-08-18), rose above 40 thousand, a net increase of 45743 and 48349 respectively.


, in early August, Chinese domain total net increase of 124846, compared with a net increase in the amount of 128389 in early July, the increase is reduced 2.7%.

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