One week news review Tencent cloud disk function to cancel the synchronization held at Google O conf

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1 when Ma is difficult to escape who can protect our privacy?

"if we change the ownership or control of some or all of our services or assets, we may transfer your information to the new owner."

imagine, when these politicians, business tycoons are spared, every one of us ordinary people and when? Below describes such a scene, although the idea is bubble future has not happened yet, technology stocks fell, but do not forget, the collapse of the situation not happened.

imagine what it would be like when Silicon Valley’s nightmare came true. The unicorn fell one by one. Have to use a golf cart and brewed beer to attract top developers and technology giants everywhere in the busy fire.

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who is able to protect our privacy when Ma was spared?  

twitter account exposure Ma Yun, Lei Jun, and other sensitive personal information

2 on the line for the next 5 years to hold the user, the problem almost know to pay to do the text live

50 million

know almost five years, in the past five years, to know the most curious is that it is what to make money?

in the third know almost salt Club, know almost CEO weeks source seems to give an answer, know almost live".

good memory should not forget, in this year’s April Fool’s Day eve, know almost on the line a little product "value between", at that time in various social media crazy spread. It is a user query, and set the answer to pay the play. The most crazy users have with "value on the" earned 13146 yuan, a be struck dumb.

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5 years in the hands of the user on the line of the problem, the problem almost know to pay to do the text live  

10 million;

know almost on-line live know how to make money almost know how to change the water you  

we’ve experienced almost the first time "Live" here is the process and feel  

data is still growing at a high speed, knowing that your "back door" opened  

3 cloud Tencent announced the cancellation of synchronous disk function

According to the May 17th

news, IT home users reflect the day before the Tencent spicy minced chicken, push the latest version of cloud upgrade, update the contents of the display, the Tencent will cancel the synchronization cloud disk function.


synchronous disk function, which means to cancel the automatic upload and download function, the user in the future only by manual mode of SkyDrive and local files.

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