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blog to persevere.

it’s easy to say, but hard to do. A lot of people to open the blog after the first month to write very positive, then the enthusiasm gradually disappeared. We must try to avoid this happening, decided to write it to stick to it.

blog is different from the QQ space and MSN space, is a diary which is not simple, it should be one of your learning tools, you can use it to learn more knowledge, develop their own interests. And serious blogging can also improve your writing, presentation, and analytical thinking skills.

you may feel that beautiful template for readers will give you comfort, in fact it is not so, frequent replacement template will give your readers a kind of strange feeling, it’s easy to lose your readers. You can pay attention to the subscription, the flow of the blog site, they rarely change their templates.

if you want your blog to be accepted by more people, there is no other way, the only way is to improve the quality of your article. Good article will bring you a lot of loyal readers.

blog is not a person in writing.

I asked blogger who didn’t insist on writing the question: why don’t you stick to it?. Many people replied: I write the article no one to see, it is better not to write. I would like to say that the blog is not a person you write, you should find a friend who has a common interest with you or your friends in reality, so you can experience the fun of the blog.

provides email subscriptions.

different people have different choices, some people may like to use RSS subscription, some people may prefer to use the mail subscription, so it is necessary to provide mail subscriptions to meet different needs. When you provide a mail subscription, you may find that you will be more likely to subscribe to your blog.

if you want to be independent of the blog, must choose an appropriate domain name, should note the following points: do not contain other characters, 1 domain names, such as "-" and "_ ‘character; 2, as far as possible to make your blog name and domain name, the same as 3; can the use of short, easy to remember, is of special significance to the domain name; 4, domain name to choose.Com.Net.Org.Cn

uses stable space.

if you want to be an independent blog, this means that you have to use a separate host, but must ensure that your host stable. >

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