The trick to enhance the flow of the site quickly

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I’m not what talent, just do a few websites that is to do the utterly ignorant of technology, SEO is crap a chance for me, let me contact with the network, which went to the site of the road of no return since embarked on this road, then walk, no matter front the way how narrow, no matter……. Today’s theme is: quick course to enhance the flow of magic is why this theme? I don’t know…… when KING asked me when I just theme, played it to him.

accurate to say that today’s topic should be two: 1, the festival of anger, let you flow fire up 2, people should do what kind of website on what should be carefully, and everyone share my experience good nonsense not say, please abide by the order (following the start of) often in the jar or group to see some people in order to increase the number of IP, bored to death and even some of the new owners in order to increase the IP, even the money to buy traffic (unless you have a lot of money) and bought the traffic are fake traffic, results spent the money, has not been useful since so many people visit IP want to have more access to the IP, today I call you how to get more traffic China there are many festivals, such as Christmas, new year’s day, national day, Spring Festival, and so on each festive atmosphere is very strong

in reality, each business premises are crowded by many people, why we can’t have website of so many people? Think about it, why can the business place in reality there are so many people? Because it is a holiday, we all feel better, you have a very strong festive atmosphere, so we all love about friends go shopping ah ah, consumption. Think back to our website, since it is the festive atmosphere affected everyone’s mood, why not let the

method to move online?

below to talk about an example: Christmas when I got a Christmas blessing page, the results of three days of my daily flow of more than 40 thousand IP is this page here is a key thing is:

must make good use of your flow, think of 40 thousand IP ah, this is not our mind? But due to the negligence, did not put this thing in mind (at that time in thinking about buying a server.) the results of these flow so it all away. Afterwards the regrets!!!!! After the experience and lessons for the first time, after thinking for a long time, thought that this method is good in the new year’s day, so I get a new year wishes page, thinking that this must seize this opportunity! Ha ha, make him a pen. Is this page: IP exceeded 60 thousand, with CNZZ statistical standard (then Alexa ranking in 5000, ranking in March is 50 thousand, is now more than 50 thousand) wrong, if you do have a big mistake, if you think it will cause the same and the results of.

we should think about it at this time

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