Explanation of the case the focus of controversy between the two sides of ZS the user experience

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first said its own background it, no big background is a SEO practitioner + portal Operations Marketing staff. The year before last in the search outside the school began to dabble in SEO enterprise website optimization. All the things that were done before were portals.

Baidu update in a variety of environments, personal webmaster or an Internet group of thinking began to change, differences. This is normal, so don’t be afraid to argue. There will be progress in argument. Baidu began last year once stressed that the user experience these four words. So I said today that the statement is around these four words.

search outside view: SEO technology to achieve the network ranking, marketing results. The bottom of the practitioner is usually the original article, pseudo original, the chain of hard work, involving less profound thinking.

station a row of Views: the focus is on the user experience, allowing users to achieve the best experience. To the user’s own aspirations for the purpose of doing station.

is a personal understanding of both views.

the following statement is divided into two parts:

first: enterprise website optimization

The ultimate goal of

enterprise website optimization is to push the product to consumers and middlemen in order to achieve the purpose of network marketing. The last two years from my own station optimization experience, SEO seems to walk in a deformed Road, is the chain". Even the production site of the technical staff to give up the news and other modules, a few direct static pages, no news, only the chain. This directly increases the difficulty of my optimization. A former station basically in a week to two weeks out of the ranking (white hat, because the word is not a competitive one). From the beginning of last year, the time to give up the news mostly for a month to a month and a half.

stripped of the news of the lack of enterprise stand?. When the user through the search to your site to see: "XXX" a few words you will feel how much he has the patience to call your phone? No detailed explanation, no detailed comparative analysis, a few words so lonely.

view that SEO is just a computer technology means of network marketing, and network marketing in all, now SEO technology standardization, civilians today, but it is a well known criterion. Is there any improvement in the title there is no to write the site is reasonable, and so on and so on; the user experience is not the same, the user experience of these four words reflects the thinking of those who do stand, people – oriented thinking. To allow people to interact through the website platform. Better service, when the user’s demands have been the business is coming – that allows users to maximize the benefits.

second: portal community website user experience

I am a local portal operator. Do edit, do marketing basically do anything. I was always there when I was involved in the portal

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