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The day before

was asked by a friend, want to use the Internet platform (Witkey) to design a website for his company (wine www.mmxo.com), to search through the Internet to understand the past and present of Witkey, and took some time to observe and analyze the current mainstream Witkey website, have some experience.

, English "Witkey" Witkey (wit: key: wisdom, key), is one of the 171 new Chinese Ministry of Education published in August 2007. Generally speaking, the use of the Internet by the labor and wisdom of their own, to help others and get paid, is witkey. Published as a Witkey task and provide Witkey task information platform, called Witkey platform. At present, all kinds of quiz website, task reward website, is Witkey platform.

is currently on the Internet China Witkey website, mostly follow the "task release – Publisher full payment – – bid auction Witkey settlement process. All kinds of Witkey website founder or operators from online search to the interview, it is not difficult to find in their business in time, in order to protect the interests of Witkey repeatedly declared, "never refund" is the core of Witkey mode is, after the publisher paid, not to return to their own money, if the task flow, only increase extension or waiver. The "core" in various online Witkey Publishing Agreement, basically is reflected.

we can put the task between publishers and Witkey website publishing agreement for the intermediary contract, at present there is no intermediary method, but according to the labor contract law, the meaning is clear, does not violate other laws, policies can be effective contract. According to the "consumer protection law" article tenth, consumers enjoy the right to twenty-fourth, even bargain, an operator shall not form contracts, notices, announcements, notices and other ways to shop the provisions to consumers unfair, unreasonable, or civil liability to reduce or waive the harm the legitimate interests of consumers should bear. We may safely draw a conclusion that the so-called "Witkey core", "never refund" is untenable, as long as the task publisher failed to get the appropriate services, specifically has not been suitable standards, Witkey website should give the parties a refund, the so-called "Witkey website publishing rules" or "issued" or are contract agreement invalid.

but the cost of consumer rights is relatively high, there are few consumers seriously to go to court business, the only good reminder, starting from the protection of money and energy, their mood perspective, before you in the website Witkey task, to think twice.

I also hope the website Witkey mode, including the release agreement, there will be a good alternative, not only to protect the Witkey labor, but also to protect the interests of the task publisher, because they are the Witkey website of god. This is not a problem before the egg chicken, but very clear, in Witkey task on its website, is the basis of the existing Witkey website.

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