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Beijing time on December 6th, once a year the show’s (Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show) was broadcast on CBS, but the ratings fell out low ratings for 18-49 years 2.1, 2.3 lower than last year, the highest record lowest ratings, and last year’s show the viewing rate has fallen by 32% compared with 2014. This year’s show 6 million 650 thousand viewers, slightly higher than last year’s 6 million 600 thousand people.

although poor ratings, but the show’s budget price of around $20 million, is one of the most expensive fashion show, because in general, fashion show budget between 200 thousand -100 million.

such a large sum of money where the



site cost: Paris The Grand Palace (Grand Palais), which is the Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld every year to do Chanel fashion show;

labor costs: 51 models of appearance fees and air tickets, accommodation;

Fantasy Bra Fantasy Bra’s show: the cost of this design by jewelry designer Eddie Borgo, $3 million;

: the cost of clothing, props, Lily Donaldson’s wings are said to have more than 2 thousand and 500 gems, 43 pairs of wings, the "flash" of


cost: the Victoria’s secret show guests show guest performers for Gaga, Bruno Lady Mars, The Weeknd;


(from left to right: Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd)


, has become the underwear Empire, according to the statistics of the IBISWorld’s underwear industry occupy 35% market share. Every year the show’s great in strength and impetus in this one and what is the role of

?We all know that

‘s show is a well planned marketing, but still do not see a hundred tired

1982, Limited Brands’s founder Roy Raymund purchased from Brands’s Limited’s, since become subsidiary. In 1993, the Victoria’s secret has been developed for the national chain brand underwear and pajamas, and Roy Raymund but because of the bankruptcy of a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge bridge Dutch act.

August 1, 1995, in New York’s Plaza Hotel (Plaza Hotel) held the first Victoria’s secret show, but, at that time, it was a budget of only $120 thousand for underwear > hair

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