Alipay shuangshier into Taiwan, money won the first station

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Abstract: according to Alipay operator ant financial services group to provide the data, since the start of December 1st, has 3500 Taiwan businesses using Alipay, including telecommunications companies, department stores, supermarket chains and other Taiwanese night market, even known as "yellow" (taxi) can brush Alipay, the Taiwan crown team first wave 200 a taxi is available through the Alipay payment.


Taipei ximending dazzling advertising signs, Alipay "shuangshier" the blue poster is relatively modest, but greatly above the 50 percent off "two words is very conspicuous.

is located in the intersection of ximending gold position, Taiwan famous bakery chain "Ludwig bakery" hanging very eye-catching "shuangshier" posters in the Alipay store above the door, glass door store also posted several small posters. Less than 10 minutes there are discounted posters to attract call customers into the store, most at checkout are skillfully pulled out mobile phone to the Alipay checkout, listen to accent mostly from the mainland.

Beijing girl Li Mingyue in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, said: really good convenience ah. Brush the two-dimensional code, it is paid directly, the account is directly deducted from the renminbi."

Li Mingyue has read the fourth grade school in Taipei in the mainland are used to comment, Alipay group and online payment and shopping tools, arrived in Taipei is not used. She joked: "today, brush, and immediately feel the home."

and Li Mingyue, from Shenzhen to Taiwan tourism Miss Wu at checkout before the temporary download Alipay mobile phone client. "Usually use Alipay, but not installed in the mobile phone, originally thought to Taiwan Alipay is useless. Did not think there are ‘shuangshier’ preference." She said.

in addition to mainland tourists favorite snack food chain stores, drug stores, Watsons sold the roadside shop, sugar mask chain stores and souvenir shops are affixed with a blue "shuangshier" poster. Because too many people use the system, Alipay was once a fault.

outside of a souvenir shop in ximending many customers, one morning only one mainland customers to use Alipay, but the clerk Miss Chen very supportive of such payment. She said: "my money operation is very convenient, the customer more convenient to use, than cash. I think Taiwan should develop such a mobile payment."

Taipei Ningxia night market more than and 70 food vendors also joined the "shuangshier" activities. According to media reports, some mainland tourists deliberately 12 days later to the zero night market open to eat, enjoy preferential. Ningxia night market 12 hours of the first hour of trading has exceeded the number of days per day on weekdays 1.

In addition to the

store and sell his amiable and easy of approach Tofu pudding night market stalls, "shuangshier" activities also include tall department stores and telecommunications company. Far EasTone and China Telecom in the Taoyuan airport counter.

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