China’s future investment direction

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prospects for the future of professionals can be expected to make a few here to give you a few suggestions, China’s future investment direction, in your hands.

now, already on the beauty salon is not the patent of women, men are more and more to the beauty salon skin care and maintenance, many beauty salons have launched the men’s special beauty service. To open a male beauty salon must do a good job in the local market research, because in the traditional concept of China, has been regarded as the beauty of women’s patents, men do not accept beauty for most people. Some men’s beauty salon is closed because of too few guests, and the first time it is best to open a beauty salon and provide both men’s beauty salon.

prospects underestimated men’s beauty market. According to AC Nielsen survey of the world’s leading market research company, modern urban men focus on modified instruments has become a common practice in many countries in Europe and the United States, men’s care products market share has accounted for more than 30% of the cosmetics market in recent years; the total sales of cosmetics in men worldwide has reached $5 billion 337 million, sales growth of 50%, male skin care products the global market share is at twenty-five percent annual rate of increase, a huge market is formed.

Chinese money industry

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