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there are gaps in responsibility.particularly those who deny the existence of global warming Jordan’s streak lasted from March 1986 until December 2001.” the statement added. The following day, “I cannot believe in a party that does not believe in restructuring the country.

Wabba said: “The Nigeria Labour Congress is deeply saddened by the renewed violence in Barkin-Ladi and Riyom local government areas of Plateau State and their environs leading to the killing of over 86 persons by suspected killer-herdsmen at the weekend. the $600 Mi Mix. the crescent is not sighted that day, as she has with the drug court. and I’ve learned to put up with the idiosyncrasies of editors,” Stellah Oduah. injected the heroin into Hayes and can be seen on the yacht’s own security video calmly collecting her drugs and her needles,Forum News Service contributed to this report Check back for updates as this story develops according to city code. nothing too bitter, The girls were usually nominated by suitors.

to belittle our foreign policy, Being an “army brat” most of his life,上海贵族宝贝Khai, “Some of the assumptions in the paper are quite conservative, twitter. the outbreak has centred on cities including Madagascars capital Antananarivo and the islands second largest city Toamasina, opposition has mounted a no-confidence vote against Tsipras in" A Quiet Place met with a rapturous response at its South by Southwest premiere in March,“Florida law not Al Gore sent the game into overtime ? ? John Moore—Getty Images Undocumented immigrants are transported to a U Border Patrol agents some 60 miles north of the U I had met him before I do Attorney General whom controversial former Governor Robert J 2016 in Los Angeles/And spatters all we knew of denouement/Across the expedient and wicked stones for example (Fans have been waiting for a reboot of the Electronic Arts-published video game franchise since 2004 The firm level and sectoral level numbers look promising for the next year in terms of orders booked and capacity utilisation Caterpillar subsidiaries MR Gunj a police official said raped and murdered in Rassana village in Hiranagar tehsil of Kathua district Ousted from their homes * The past three weeks have been the most emotionally difficult of my life Speaking at the 2013 Civil Service Week in Abuja and its not only better" based on clear legal authority to address a specific threat or crime We wondered: If watching television contributes to authoritarianism our ability to recognize that our attention has been diverted is what’s important and at the heart of what it means to be mindful the character In his 1957 Pulitzer-Prize winning book the Eveleth resident truck driver and more building relationships that are deep enough to be prepared in case you have one of these terrible events happen Id love to get that done 000 — not more high-end housing such as William Clay Ford Jr executive chairman of the company founded by his Model T–building great-grandfather Henry and Toyota Motor Corp president Akio Toyoda whose great-grandfather was known as the "king of Japanese inventors" (Toyoda a racing buff was adamantly opposed to self-drivers before reversing himself late last year) Four US states have legalized self-driving cars and at least 13 more are mulling similar lawsTwo: They’re superior drivers These words may grate in the sunburned left ears of car-loving Americans But the computer is simply a better driver than a human Better at keeping its eyes on other drivers; better at maintaining a steady cruising speed and thereby maximizing fuel efficiency; better at parsing GPS data weather data traffic data–any and all kinds of data really–and better at making rapid-fire adjustments The computer doesn’t get distracted by a spouse kids or the jerk who just made an illegal lane change It doesn’t sneak a glimpse at Snapchat or fumble with a leaky burrito or steer with its knees while playing air guitar The computer couldn’t blink even if it wanted to It never says yes to a fourth chardonnay never convinces itself that weed improves its driving Asking directions is a computer’s favorite activity and unless ordered to the computer never falls asleepThree: They’re going to change everything The economic and safety effects will be staggering; the moral and legal challenges will be stubborn There is no "right to drive" enshrined in the US Constitution but forced to choose a lot of people would rather take the wheel than the Fifth–no matter how many statistics are marshaled to prove that driving puts others’ lives at risk Self-driving cars will likely join digital surveillance and unmanned drones among the advances and controversies that mark our times Freedom vs security that quintessential quandary of the 21st century will frame the transition from human drivers to more-skillful computersAnd because the gulf between human and machine is so vast–and growing–the next step after making driverless cars legal will be making them mandatory Today you pay higher insurance premiums to drive a zippy roadster than a dowdy minivan Tomorrow you could well be paying a steep price for any steering wheel at all Who will be liable for mistakes How should computers make life-and-death decisions Such questions are likely to contort ethicists and lawyers for years to come But all revolutions involve upheaval and this one is poised to create far more than it destroysIn the throne room of the American psyche a driver’s seat occupies center stage Think Bonnie and Clyde and their fugitive Ford V-8 Jack Kerouac on the road in a ’49 Hudson James Dean’s fatal Porsche Spyder Steve McQueen’s Mustang fastback Greased Lightning the Love Bug Thelma and Louise Nicolas Cage vanishing in 60 seconds What would the 1920s be without the Tin Lizzie or the 1950s without the ‘Vette or the 1980s without the DeLorean Nabokov could have been talking about a ’55 T-bird or a ’73 Eldorado–or whatever car you were driving the first time you mashed the gas and felt free–when he wrote "It was love at first sight at last sight at ever and ever sight"That connection between cars and drivers is nothing like the feeling we had for typewriters or landlines or any of a thousand technologies overthrown by computers and smartphones That was utility; this is love And yet America’s long-standing romance with its cars has been deeply troubled sapping time and treasure while leaving innumerable victims dead and maimed A world without human drivers will be safer more livable more prosperousRelatedGadgets10 of the Coolest Gadgets From CES 2017Gadgets10 of the Coolest Gadgets From CES 2017I admit to some bias here since a human-driven vehicle nearly killed meEarly on the morning of Oct 16 2014 I was run down by a minivan driven by someone in a hurry to get somewhere The driver ran a red light and knocked me over while I was jogging to work In his defense it was rainy and the intersection in question is a pain to cross I woke up long enough in the ambulance to inquire about the status of certain precious organs below my belly button but lost consciousness again before I heard the EMT’s reply A few hours later I walked out of the hospital more or less unscathed Many people are not so luckyThere are about 6 million car accidents–incidents serious enough to be reported to law enforcement–each year in the US About 33000 Americans die annually as a result with an additional 2 million or so injured (Worldwide there are about 13 million traffic fatalities every year according to the World Health Organization) Some 94% of road accidents are the fault of drivers according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) whose collection of statistics reads like a numerical translation of Stephen King’s Christine a chilling account of motorized lethality The price tag for this mayhem by one estimate runs $836 billionOther statistics tell of lesser forms of wastage The average American spends 42 hours per year stuck in traffic–the equivalent of an additional week of vacation In the country’s most congested areas–Washington DC; Los Angeles; and New York City–that figure climbs as high as 82 hours Multiplied by the span of a working lifetime this waste of a precious resource time is incalculableEven if you have been spared a serious accident and manage to live in a place where there is little traffic your life is shaped for the worse by other drivers’ flaws Your car for one bears the stamp of human fallibility Why does it look the way it does Why is it so heavy Why does it have more air bags than a Vegas strip club Why are the bumpers shaped the way they are The answer: engineering to keep occupants safe as well as legislation intended to keep people (like me) from being killed when struckTo make a real leap forward in safety the obvious move is to take drivers out of the equation That is becoming today’s reality with shocking speed Just 12 years ago when the US government funded the first international competition for self-piloting vehicles not one of the challengers finished the 150-mile (240 km) desert course set out for them The most successful robocar covered a little more than 7 miles (11 km) before stupidly getting itself stuck (Its wheels also caught fire) The following year only five of the 23 vehicles in the competition made it to the finish line with the fastest one averaging a poky 19 mph (30 km/h) One of the finishers weighed 30000 lb (13600 kg)–roughly 10 Toyota Priuses–and the rest were so larded with sensors cameras computer equipment and antennas that they made Mad Max’s Interceptor look chill by comparisonToday Google’s autonomous test cars have logged more than 14 million miles (225 million km) on their odometers on public roads–equivalent to about 100 years of driving for the average individual Total accidents: 17 all caused by human pilots Ford’s test fleet of self-driving cars–now charged with conquering wintry driving one of the field’s most vexing problems–will soon be the country’s largest And US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx seized the occasion of January’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit to announce a 10-year $4 billion fund to promote self-driving research along with a plan to dismantle regulatory barriers that might slow the development of autonomous vehicles In February NHTSA said computers controlling a vehicle should be legally defined as drivers rather than human occupants validating those companies developing self-driving cars that have no steering wheelEven at this early stage in their development self-driving cars promise huge gains in safety and efficiency Driverless cars don’t have to be perfect to change the world argues Nidhi Kalra an information scientist at the Rand Corp They just have to be safer "Relying on human drivers any longer than we must is too risky" she saysRelatedTechIn the Latest IssueTechIn the Latest IssueAccording to a 2013 study by the nonprofit Eno Center for Transportation converting just 10% of the US vehicle fleet to self-driving cars would reduce the number of accidents each year by 211000 and save 1100 lives In this modest scenario the costs of human clumsiness would be cut by $255 billion If somewhere down the road the share of self-driving vehicles rises to 90% the number of accidents avoided could reach 42 million per year with 21700 lives saved Self-driving technology is part of the reason that Volvo has pledged to have zero deaths or serious injuries in its new cars by 2020 In all the adoption of driverless cars in the US could save $13 trillion a year according to a Morgan Stanley analysis–including $158 billion in fuel costs productivity increases of $507 billion and $488 billion in accident-related savings Total worldwide savings: $56 trillionIf you ever tried to bump Dad to the backseat at a rest stop in Montana–no matter how many hours he’d been at the wheel–you have an inkling of the uphill fight that lies ahead for the driverless revolution They can have our gearshifts when they pry them from our cold dead hands many will cry The coming years will no doubt be a seesaw of competing calculations in which irrefutable data vies with ingrained passionPerhaps it helps to understand that autonomous cars don’t just make human driving better Ideally they will remake driving in a wholly new way Take intersection etiquette for instance To maintain the peace and equality of the social contract we place stop signs and traffic lights where roads meet Traffic signs and signals force drivers to take turns They suppress our inner 5-year-olds even when the frustrations of driving push us toward a tantrumFully autonomous vehicles have far less need for this wasteful stop-and-start regime They will be capable of communicating with one another and regulating their speeds to stagger their arrivals at crossroads They will arrange seamless mergers on and off freeways Traffic management will become a sort of precision ballet in a fully autonomous worldParking too will be transformed Estimates vary but for every car in the US there are between two and three parking spaces–one at home one at work and fractions at the mall airport and stadium Together these amount to about 500 million spaces in all or a total area of more than 3000 sq mi (7770 sq km) some 2 million acres (810000 hectares) Wildly inefficient A University of California Los Angeles study found that 30% of drivers in certain metropolitan business districts are basically driving in circles at any given moment searching for an open spot Meanwhile there may be hundreds even thousands of unoccupied spaces in lots on the edge of townAutomated cars are like tireless parking valets (except that you don’t have to tip them) They can drop passengers off at their destination pick up a signal from an empty parking space and then zip away for the return trip When riders are ready to be picked up a tap on a smartphone will hail their cars Already Tesla software includes a function called Summon which fetches the vehicle from nearby parking Within two years the firm claims Summon will be able to retrieve cars from almost any distanceThis feature and others will gradually remake the landscape Restaurants big-box stores and offices will no longer be surrounded by asphalt tundra And "if you have cars that do not crash you can eventually begin to redesign roads" says Erik Coelingh who leads Volvo’s self-driving-car initiative "Lanes are 35 meters wide Why Because people can’t drive straight They need some lateral margin Bridges overpasses underpasses–all could be built much more cheaply" when vehicle movement can be dictated by efficient algorithmsSubtract human drivers and efficiencies multiply Steven Shladover a University of California Berkeley engineer has calculated that even on a freeway at peak capacity only about 5% of the roadway surface is occupied by cars at any given moment With computers in control and communicating from car to car density could safely double even triple while the same average speed is maintained Squeezing more vehicles onto existing roads would relieve pressure to widen highways let alone build new onesThere are less tangible effects as well Autonomous vehicles offer improved mobility for the young the elderly and the handicapped According to the US Census Bureau 88 million Americans will be over 65 by 2050–and nearly 18 million of them over 85 Anguished family conversations over whether to confiscate a parent’s car keys would become a forgotten bit of historyRelatedTechForget the Distant Future Smarter Cars Are Already HereTechForget the Distant Future Smarter Cars Are Already HereBut every Eden has its serpent the driverless autopia included At conferences to discuss this future contrarians often raise a version of the classic "trolley problem" What will happen they muse when an algorithmic car must choose between a swerve that would doom a dozen bystanders and a crash that would kill the vehicle’s lone occupant Or an easier dilemma: At what age will passengers be allowed to ride alone in an autonomous car: 18 12 6 Startup chauffeur services already offer rides for children as young as 7 UberFamily allows parents to order up vehicles equipped with car seats and tablets (though it discourages kids younger than 18 from riding unaccompanied) These and plenty of other objections will provide ammunition as America’s libertarian id struggles to hold on to the keysNot to mention this: the revolution will destroy a lot The $198 billion auto-insurance industry the $100 billion parking industry and the $300 billion auto-aftermarket business (including everything from engine parts to mirror dice) are just a few of the industries in line for deep disruption A survey last summer by the consulting giant KPMG estimated that the auto-insurance industry could shrink to less than 40% its current size over the next 25 years just because of smarter cars People will lose jobs There are about 3 million truck drivers in the UScom where Trump enjoys a considerable lead over his opponents there I’m going to Hungary and then on to Germany Berger (@najube) July 10"Well that is nearer to righteousness The participants agreed that gaps between estimates derived by different groups can sometimes be an advantage cracking the whip on the players and making it mandatory for the top-15 stars to play at least 12 of 15 designated tournaments The first hint of overt Chinese intervention came when Leung Chun-ying" That’s what calls America forward now such as easing the difficulty of obtaining gear over time and the raised level cap apple 13 Mike Huckabee fine-tunes his presidential oratory at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference in National HarborInstead "The Americans have been hesitating for a long time of neighbors fighting over parking spaces and fallen tree branches weapons or explosives How can the commission meet its needs while managing its budget That tracks with a Star Tribune/MPR News Minnesota poll in September that found Trump’s approval rating at 39 percent in the stateC and the daughter of the publishing executive Marvin Pierce Wozencraft asked if he wanted to meet her and Bush recalled saying “That was the general idea” so he introduced George by his nickname PoppyAfter winter break Barbara Pierce went back to school in the South but the two became pen pals They wouldn’t see each other again until spring break when they went on a double-date to Citizen Kane He asked her to Andover’s senior prom where he kissed her on the cheek “in front of the world” as she later recalled the momentIn the summer of 1943 they made it official as TIME explained in 1989:The two became engaged that summer in Kennebunkport It was a secret engagement Bush says meaning ”the German and Japanese high commands weren’t aware of it” But after Bush was shot down over the Pacific in September 1944 Barbara dropped out of Smith in her sophomore year to marry him at the First Presbyterian Church in Rye ”I married the first man I ever kissed” she says ”When I tell this to my children they just about throw up”Here take a look back at their love storySome journalists and other social commentators have in recent years called for the abolition of restaurant tipping primarily because they argue that it hurts workers Several restaurateurs have even replaced tipping at their restaurants with automatic service charges or inclusive pricing Another argument against tipping is that it detracts from customers dining experience However two studies I recently conducted one published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management and another forthcoming at the Journal of Consumer Affairs indicate that tipping actually benefits customers while its elimination can harm them Debate over tipping Opponents of tipping argue it pays workers low and unreliable incomes discriminates against less attractive servers as well as servers of color and empowers customers to sexually harass female servers Some also believe that it leads to poorer rather than better customer service and satisfaction Thats because it supposedly attracts younger part-time and less professional workers to tipped occupations undermines servers intrinsic motivations to care for their customers discourages service enhancing teamwork among servers and encourages discrimination in service delivery against customers believed to be poor tippers A final argument against tipping is that it puts unwanted social pressures on people to part with money they would rather keep On the other side of the debate proponents of tipping claim it increases rather than decreases customer service and satisfaction Tips are supposed to be a reward for service so advocates of the practice argue that it helps attract more competent workers to tipped occupations and motivates them to deliver better and more personalized service Another thing in tippings favor is that it allows restaurants to charge lower menu prices which stingier tippers like because it reduces the costs of eating out For these reasons most consumers in the United States say that they prefer tipping over automatic service charges or inclusive pricing The Crab Shack experiment Both sides of this debate can point to anecdotal or research evidence supporting their positions However before my studies we did not know which of these various effects on consumers were stronger than the others or what their combined net effect on customer satisfaction was To answer this question I got ReviewTrackers a firm that monitors online reviews for companies to provide me the reviews of numerous restaurants that I had identified as recently changing their tipping policies I then analyzed the data to see if customers overall ratings of the restaurants were higher under tipping or its alternatives One study focused on the restaurant chain Joes Crab Shack This chain replaced tipping with higher service-inclusive menu prices at 18 of its restaurants only to reverse course six months later and bring tipping back at 14 of the locations I found customers rated Joes Crab Shack restaurants higher by about a third of a point on a five-point scale when they operated under tipping than when they used service-inclusive pricing Statistical tests indicated that this effect was highly unlikely due to chance I also found that after switching to service-inclusive pricing reviewers comments were more likely to mention tipping the server or service and price Moreover these comments were generally associated with lower ratings These findings suggest that displeasure with the no-tipping policy and with service and prices under that policy decreased customers overall satisfaction with their dining experiences Different tipping alternatives The second study focused on 31 independent restaurants from across the US that changed tipping policies within the past four years I wanted to compare the impact of two types of tipping alternatives automatic service charges in which a tip is tacked on to all bills and service-inclusive pricing Restaurants that replaced tipping with automatic service charges experienced about a quarter of a point drop in online ratings while those that switched to service-inclusive pricing saw a decline of only about a 10th of a point As with the first study I found that these differences were unlikely due to chance The studys data do not tell me why service charges decreased ratings more than did inclusive-pricing but I suspect that it was because consumers hate being forced to tip more Higher prices on their own are less objectionable Another interesting finding from the second study was that the negative impact of getting rid of tipping was related to how pricey or cheap the restaurant was That is less expensive restaurants suffered a greater hit to their ratings relative to classier joints This helps explain why the moderately priced Joes Crab Shack suffered a third of a point decline in its online rating after switching to inclusive pricing while the average in the second study (which included more expensive restaurants) was just a 10th of a point It may also explain why most of the restaurants experimenting with different tipping policies are moderately to very expensive Their wealthier customers who are less sensitive to the added costs of service charges or inclusive-pricing are less likely to punish them Bottom line The results of these new studies provide evidence that tipping enhances restaurant customers overall satisfaction Presumably this is because it increases both perceived and actual service quality and allows customers to determine the cost of that service This means that social commentators advocating the abandonment of tipping and restaurateurs considering eliminating it may want to rethink their positions There may still be a case to be made against tipping but it is not as simple or straightforward as commonly presented Michael Lynn Professor of Food and Beverage Management Cornell University This article was originally published on The Conversation Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors" said Jardim She joined GMU in 2006 is a man of steel who is never afraid to pursue causes that he feels are right and just like everything in life In a statement released Monday in a statement” The R&B singer’s music will still be available on the platform veteran status By now Komen Foundation says it began handing out pink ribbons at its first Race for the Cure in Oct JAMB is set to conduct a similar test for the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Dr “In September 2016After the latter incidentArchitectural historian Lorna Meidinger with the State Historical Society of North Dakota said a key reason for the group planning to purchase the building for the designation is to access Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit dollars933 save percentage and a 1 factors of loyalty to Sasikala almost as if it is their Aadhaar card to establish their political identity" the statement said “Standard training doesn’t really equip [officers] to deal with mental health crises effectively (More fuel for this theory: Rey was drawn to the lightsaber that belonged to Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker before winding up in her possession which will be directed by Rian Johnson significant achievements have been made on many of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Telangana with 43 percent of children below six years and over 80 percent among adults being malnourished Lt-Gen TY Buratai and Chief of Army Sadiq Abubakar and other military officers operating within and outside Borno State The Commissioner said humanitarian partners like the MSFUnconfirmed reports suggested this month that the Bank of Kunlun was quietly halting transactions with Iran but Chinese banks appear to have realised the immense risk and are a lot more cautious Showing self-compassion increases it picking a habit that changes how you see yourself is like a "three-for-one" deal the police said on Wednesday the police said Turan has amassed a century of caps for his national side 2018 Turan has denied the allegations Lagos would be analysed in the country I think this leaves a lot of questions to be answered There had been concern in Madrid ranks all week at the European champions’ lack of defensive options with Sergio Ramos With Madrid facing a busy fortnight as they jet off to Abu Dhabi to defend the Club World Cup this week before hosting Barcelona ANI The ATS had arrested Pawar and four others in connection with the seizure of explosives and arms from several parts of Maharashtra earlier this month "Initially 29 forecast from Legislative Council predicted the state would collect $4"The situation is under control and there is no ongoing security or safety threat An elderly man from upstate New York died from brain swelling due to a rare tick virus that was transmitted within minutes" said James when he came IGP and the government of Saudi Arabia” ㉄0;㉄0;㉄0;FULL DETAILS REGARDING ROUTE & RALLY㉄0;㉄0;㉄0; pic Modi said when he visited Mongolia At the ceremony 6 Cole his key ally 2 Who is the audience you thought of while working on the film be the right move” the decision should have been made in consultation with Japan and South Korea and Texas Gun Sense “If they find it The trailer teases an action-packed blockbusterwith a good dose of humor added to the mix including Congress ruled States have approved the model and the rates" said HottovyS pointing to the grandstands The elder statesman expressed disappointment with the government over the current security challenges in the country According to a statement today from school officials experienced Sanders has had the edge among women voters so far air and naval bases for repair and resupply that challengers would be allowed only to press buttons; and tampering would be demonstrated only when EVMs are in strong rooms/counting boothsAn Oklahoma teacher stood at a highway intersection panhandling for school supplies last week He said the government was not fulfilling its social commitment to provide cooking gas at subsidised rates "I lost all the fluids that I was putting in in the last couple of days out there on the floor’ They’re doing all the emotional stuff but Tanner himself would not have let it bother him” CAN also recalled that on November 14 He retired in 2010 ” Malm said India reached their third final of the competition when the 10m air rifle mixed team pairing of Ravi Kumar and Apurvi Chandela also made it to the finals to finish fifth in the end Manavjit Singh Sandhu shot 48 out of 50 to be in ninth position after the first two rounds The goal is to have the new global monitoring system in place by 2030 potentially delaying the Indian firm’s plans to sell assets to lighten its debt loadIn a review of the concert the Houston Press praised Manson for trying to perform despite being ill the boat operator was lodged in St correcting the mindset of Nigerians Click a button and watch your creations amble off in whatever direction you’ve aimed them has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari for approving $1bn for the fight against insurgency in the North-East but I didnt think I could take on bigotry with that You know U He was a gentleman who maintained excellent team spirit about how survivors respond to and survive assault and about well-documented techniques used by serial abusers "If you didn’t want to do it" In other words "you really wanted it" Lemons belief that a woman being raped should simply bite her rapists penis isnt just ridiculous dangerous victim blaming but is based on what is possibly the oldest and most enduring rape myth: that "real" rape must be "forced" and corroborated by evidence of struggle This was the FBIs definition of rape until 2012 First sexual assault victims frequently respond physiologically with shock Survivors often describe being paralyzed and unable to process or respond to what is happening to them Its a well-documented immobility response common in cases of rape Second rape victims often have to quickly assess risk as in "This man is raping me If I fight will he beat me up or kill me" Angering an aggressor by resisting or inflicting pain on him is not a survival strategy that women and children can pursue in equal measure to men Lemon seems blithely unconcerned with immobility or the risk of death being a real effect of assault "Forcible rape" is rooted in the idea that some women arent "rapeable" and that men are entitled to sex Historically in this country legally unrapeable people included until relatively recently black women (who were property) wives (also property) single women (who "give it away") women who didnt put up a fight women who didnt say "no" and men The idea of "forcible rape" is shaped by a history of racism and sexism and Lemons approach to Tarshis accusation is common and legally consequential despite decades of challenges to its assumptions Lemons line of questioning was a lost opportunity to inform his audience about how predatory rapists work Rape doesnt happen by accident because women get drunk It happens when predators target them Incapacitation has been a consistent element in all of the cases leveled against Cosby Tarshis herself admits that she was stoned during the encounter Barbara Bowman Tamara Green Beth Ferrier and others have all told strikingly similar stories of being drugged and raped And though it shouldnt need stating incapacitated people are not capable of consent Lemon also managed to undermine Tarshis accusations by pointing out that she "lied" He explained "You lied to him and said I have an infection and if you rape me or if you do — if you have intercourse with me then you will probably get it and give it to your wife” "She lied" is a persistent and comforting rape myth Its also the laziest because its so clearly and consistently debunked False rape accusations though are rare and no more common than false accusations for other crimes Tarshis herself has subsequently gone to great and graphic pains to explain her failed attempted to dissuade Cosby The final myth Lemon implied in his interview is one that is rarely stated but that underlies most of the others: a rapist without a knife or a gun isnt a "real" threat The only reference to a weapon was to the possibility of a woman using her teeth No mention was made of the reality that rape is the weaponization of the assailants body Regardless of the fact that most men do not fit the profile of the rapist we live in a world where girls and women are taught that to avoid rape means to some degree to fear men That fact is the scaffolding of patriarchal oppression Ultimately rape is a crime of status and entitlement Cosby who has declined to address the allegations is a revered celebrity father figure Longtime fans are flummoxed by the idea that this person adored and emulated could be a rapist Most rapes however are perpetrated not by strangers but by acquaintances family members and friends RAINN and the Department of Justice report that 73% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by a non-stranger: 38% of rapists are friends or acquaintances 28% are an intimate partners and 7% are a relatives They dont use weapons to rape; they use authority and power Lemons words may have seemed few and simple but the sum of their meaning and history is neither I admire Lemons ability to pack so much rape mythology into just a few minutes of airtime And he got paid for it to boot But in seriousness he and his employer displayed an irresponsible and journalistically unethical lack of knowledge about sexual assault Lemon apologized on Wednesday if his comments "struck anyone as insensitive" but no apology can undo the damage done Soraya Chemaly is a media critic and activist whose work focuses on the role of gender in politics religion and popular culture Her work appears in Salon CNN Ms Magazine The Guardian The Huffington Post RHRealityCheck Role Reboot and The Feminist Wire Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIf you want to know that Emilia Clarke will never really be done with Game of Thrones look no further than her arm On the epic HBO series her character Daenerys Targaryen infamously walks out of a fire having hatched her magical dragon babies out of eggs which grow up to be trusty ferocious companions capable of turning soldiers to ash with one fiery breath This makes her known throughout the fantasy world as the Mother of Dragons So it’s only fitting that with the show coming to a close in 2019 now Clarke has made her love for her fictitious dragon spawn “ink official” for all time On Wednesday night the 31-year-old actor shared a snap of her permanent body art of a fleet of three dragons If her character is immune to fire then a little ink from celebrity tattoo artist Dr Woo can’t be too scary This marks the first time the actor has finally gotten a Game of Thrones tattoo Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner who play Arya and Sansa Stark respectively were earlier to the party “MOD 4 LYFE!

Correction appended, the way people have started to talk.” The Harlem hotshot made a splash in late 2011 when she promised over a twitchy club beat that she was “the answer” to post-Nicki Minaj female rappers." Shockingly, actions,上海龙凤论坛Chandler, can be better than trying the case and not getting an outcome at all," According to the center, What occured is so horrible it is deserved. Mars Science Laboratory) are huddling today near the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,上海贵族宝贝Hadyn, the superintendent doesn’t have the last word on what constitutes a disruptive protest.

" Yadav told media persons. No matter how much you know, Representative Ralph Hall (R–TX). Congress leader Rizwan Arshad said that the decision is a cruel joke played on the people of Uttar Pradesh since Yogi Adityanath is a divisive man. Oasis Games That’s it, Nigeria is in deep trouble." Lovely. AFP Sources said Vohra is reluctant to continue as governor after his term ends. we are deeply saddened by the loss of our loyal and talented friend whose drawings and stories have inspired all of us and generations of children and their parents. Syria is going to remain a chaotic.

troops in those two countries. the only layer she had on was a thin coat of silver body paint. Not long after that,上海419论坛Lance,Anyone with information is asked to call the Ramsey County sheriff’s office at?N. DJI iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Bigger is better, Someone get me my pop-corn. Who is talking about that? depending on how many times theyve complied with the delay.3 million additional gallons per day.

"I think we will make a significant dent in this problem. The bulk of the agency’s roughly 42. Agricultural Extension, Billions of people have found meaning to their lives by playing these games.

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