How to invest three bears gimbap

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all know gimbap is a special delicacy in Korea, and now the China catering market, Korean delicacy has always been very popular brand items, take gimbap, investment market brand for the three bears gimbap you recommend. Then the three bears gimbap how?

1953 three bears originated in the South Korean city of Seoul (today’s South Korea Seoul) was mainly Korea pickles, spicy cabbage, fried rice cake, Bibimbap gimbap, the main meal products, providing a simple and quick delicacy to the local people, because of unique taste, warm service soon spread throughout the city of Seoul. Through the development of a few years in the South caused a small stir. The three bears gimbap join conditions and lead the three bears gimbap joining fee accounted for the market.

is a bear and the tiger wants to become a person, to help them become Hwanung, Hwanung gave them the garlic and wormwood, if can persist for one hundred days, will be able to get into humans. Day after day, the tiger finally can not hold up, but persistent bear came to the end of the 100th day of the morning, the bear has finally turned into a beautiful young woman, people call it bear girl. After the bear becomes a woman, she wants to fall in love and get married as well as human beings. The female bear find Hwanung, to emerge in its totality own distress. Huan Xiong in order to bear woman, temporarily become a man and she married. And then the next girl who looks like a handsome boy, he is the founder of the ancient korea. The unique chain business model also allows every three bears gimbap franchise business is hot.

carrying South Korea three bears 62 years of big brand culture, heritage three bears inspirational South Korean brand, three years of product innovation and development, launched a series of legendary South Korean customers new meals, build Korean food chain industry famous brand. The three bears gimbap franchisees, is the origin of a profit! China officially opened in 2014 to join the market so far, South Korea three bears straight camp shop stores has exceeded more than and 300, and continued to increase every day……

three bears gimbap join advantage

brand advantage: the first brand of China’s Korean food industry, South Korea’s famous brand of three bears, lifetime authorization, free of charge to provide decoration design drawings, enjoy the protection of the market.

product advantages: South Korea three bears products have four series, namely gimbap series of more than 50, the South Korean snacks series of more than 40, Fresh Juice series of more than 100, more than 30 kinds of milk tea series.

shop advantages: 8 – 140 square meters between any area, you can open the South Korea’s fashion restaurant, people, 1-2 people can operate, 3-5 days of learning, shop.


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