Steam game sharing discovered within beta update

first_imgWith the narrative we’ve all been subject to recently regarding the Xbox One’s efforts to curb used game sales as well as trading games, it appears Steam may be adding a long-desired feature that would separate it from the Xbox One fiasco. In a recent update for the beta Steam client, a bit of code was discovered that suggests Steam will finally add game sharing to its venerable service.Through all the goodwill Steam has built up over the years, people tend to overlook some glaring issues that the service has that would cause an uproar if they were inherent to some other service. Because the games are digital, no means were created for the games to be treated like retail copies — you can’t sell them back, and you can’t trade them. Though that might sound difficult to enact with a digital product, Amazon easily employed a book-lending service (appeasing customers), and left the ability to allow a book to be lent up to the publishers (appeasing faceless corporations that probably hate you). Now, at a time that is conveniently right when Microsoft garnered hate from the entire gaming consumer base for not allowing game trading, Steam seems like it is about to finally introduce it. As you can see in the highlighted text above, unearthed on NeoGAF, there’s no mistake that the intention is straight-up game sharing, similar to how Netflix only allows a certain amount of devices to stream at once. The code even comes complete with a Netflix-like notice, alerting the users that a game is currently in use.Now, don’t get too excited yet, as this code came with a beta update, so there’s no telling if game sharing is a feature that will be officially implemented anytime soon — or at all. However, the mere existence of it within the update certainly suggests that Valve is looking to distance itself from the vitriol Microsoft just dived right into.last_img

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