The Province vigorously promote the spirit of Lei Feng forum held in Xining

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March 4th, Lei Feng vigorously carry forward the spirit of the forum held in Xining.

March 5, 1963, chairman Mao Zedong handwritten inscription, issued a call to learn Comrade Lei Feng. For half a century, and vigorously advocated in the care of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and other central leaders, one by millions of people to consciously participate in the activities of learning Lei Feng flourished in China, the emergence of a large number of advanced in Lei Feng’s body and models, to promote the formation of the whole society civilization morality has made an important contribution.

The glorious deeds of

Lei Feng and the great spirit embodies the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, conform to the trend of the times and social progress, highlighting the advanced nature of the party, is very rich and profound connotation, is a never fading, shine forever banner. In the new historical period, through studying Lei Feng’s deeds and vigorously carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, cadres and the masses gather strength and will, for the in-depth study and implement the spirit of the twelve Party Congress of the party and the spirit of the eighteen Province, further to ensure the province’s economic and social further into the "four development" track, building a well-off society, and strive to open up "12th Five-Year" better prospects, is of great significance to create a rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai building a bright future and the masses happy new life.


forum organized by the provincial civilization office, the purpose is to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the twelve Party Congress of the party and the spirit of the eighteen Province, continue to implement the general office of the CPC Central Committee "on the in-depth development of the movement of learning Lei Feng opinion", the provincial office "on the" central office on further study of Lei Feng the views of "implementation plan" and the Provincial Committee of civilization "on promoting the normalization of learning from Lei Feng activities opinions" spirit, in the province to carry out a thorough and sustained extensive learning Lei Feng activities, effectively promote the normalization of learning from Lei Feng activities.

forum, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Xining City, Xining Xiao Quan Primary School of special metal materials Co., Ltd. of Xining city bus company, Xining City West District Office, Qinghai Xinghai salour group, Ping An county welfare center, China Unicom branch, Haidong Huzhu county first middle school of business, school, social welfare agencies and grassroots the organization responsible person, Xining city taxi "Lei Feng love team captain, the first" Qinghai good candidate Yan Liping has made to vigorously promote and learn the spirit of Lei Feng "as the theme of the speech. (Ben reporter Duo Haiping photo coverage)  

Xining taxi Lei Feng love team captain, the first "Qinghai good" was elected president of the speech is being made by Yan Liping.

forum site, Song Weiying, deputy director of Xining spring primary school to speak.

forum site, Xining shaped;

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