City Health Bureau team members in-depth inspection and supervision of the project construction

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July 13th, the city health bureau party secretary, comrade Liu Haonian led the team members of the first, second, Third People’s Hospital, city hospital comprehensive building biological park construction projects carried out supervision and inspection. To view and listen to the project unit project progress situation in the field, director Liu to pay for the project construction units early hard work fully affirmed, also pointed out that the four hospital project construction work is to solve the medical problems of the masses of the major livelihood projects, the tight schedule, the task is heavy, the project construction unit must attach great importance to, high standards and strict requirements, to ensure the project tasks completed on schedule. In the face of existing in the construction of a lack of funds, director Liu stressed that at present, the construction units must overcome difficulties in the more difficult times, the more the pressure, the more we need to have firm confidence, confidence will have confidence will be the development of more confidence, will the more the strength to overcome difficulties, will be more of a challenge of courage, there will be more ways to solve the problem. Some things, often to break through, success is likely to go one step further, in the face of difficulties, our leading cadres must dare to play, dare to win, then fight for something in, insist to reflect our leading cadres courage and courage, to solve the problems in the work, open the new situation of project construction. At the same time stressed that from now on, the main leadership of the project construction units will close to the line, organize the inspection work, timely solve the difficulties and problems in project work, to develop the project construction project countdown schedule, arrange monthly, weekly, daily schedule, watch, Dinglao, at. Building the first people’s Hospital in the city to be put into use before the Spring Festival next year; the three people’s Hospital, building two, in the city to put into use before the end of October this year; building Biological Park City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to be put into use at the beginning of next year. At the same time, to implement the accountability system in the work of the project, the leadership of the joint project system, the Secretary in charge should be in accordance with the who is in charge, who is responsible for the principle of strengthening the supervision and inspection of their joint projects. We must resolutely seize the things that are not implemented, the implementation of the people not to implement, to ensure that the project schedule, quality and safety.


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