What is the Shanghai dragon fight Shanghai dragon Er upgrade must guide.

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The fight is mentality

is the first to endure loneliness, search engine optimization, is a long-term thing, not immediately, from the website included in the rankings, at least a month or so. If such a short time, you can’t wait, just want to pass a few days of the immediate, then you do not fit the Shanghai dragon, wrap it; the second mind is calm, not because the ranking of gains and losses, and influence over their emotions. The ranking is good, don’t be too proud to analyze their optimism, because those optimization methods can help to consolidate and rank, rank, rank temporarily not ideal, not pessimistic, to think, what has done research deficiencies, the competitor is much stronger than what learning. For example, although I am standing in the search "Dalian sea cucumber prices" tonight, ranking the first tenth pages, but I have a trace of joy at the same time, barefoot rabbit I am calm, I understand if you do not continue to work hard, it is easy to lose ranking. read more

Website mobile imperative love Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile special training salon detonated C

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in September 10th, from Shanghai’s Webmaster Platform love love school, love Shanghai stationmaster Shanghai spider, Webmaster Platform senior engineer, products, education experts, a total of more than 10 people for the first time into the Changsha, and from central China, red net, golden eagle net China Huasheng online manufacturing network and other 59 well-known websites more than 90 senior managers and person in charge of technology exchange in depth how to better the trend of mobile website and love Shanghai interaction, to create a good experience for the users of mobile search and get more mobile traffic. read more

A successful 10 day to kill a 7 of the weight of the site

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I always believe this sentence: good! Is not reported, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind! Not to

home page

main web page: 300*50*300*=4500000 to achieve a simple calculation of the link structure of the chain based Mega specific certain more complex

OK, home probably gathered 300 popular keywords, and then click each keyword in Taobao is a guest single page, every single page at the bottom of a pile of about 50 words.

first, October 11th, website and shopping products massive relevant keywords ranking beyond Alibaba and other large mall website. Love Shanghai micro purchase here is his website, how brilliant ranking… read more

For what are the guiding significance for Shanghai dragon

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Shanghai dragon in the future is difficult to account for the search marketing mainstream, for small and medium-sized enterprises or small website. For the web site, can play a long tail power, they are not afraid, I have seen more than 90% web site traffic comes from the long tail word. So they do not bid live well. The long tail force is difficult to develop the small and medium-sized enterprise site, because of the pursuit of co.. For example, a website you how so total on dozens of hundreds of pages, how can you get a lot of traffic, small and medium-sized general station of Shanghai Longfeng flow > read more

Luna chubby enterprise Shanghai Longfeng optimization conditions

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1. has no other optimization.

this is the typical disease there are a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially for some in the short term effect of the enterprise, when not considering the website optimization, website built, a recruit 3,4 optimization personnel, every day outside the chain, soft, forum, blog hair a pass, 3 months down the IP is up, but marketing is lackluster, get a headache, so, how to retain customers? Reference: Luna chubby Shanghai Longfeng how to retain visitors mouse read more

How to analyze the mining site keywords high quality

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2, use the search engine to provide the related words. Love in Shanghai or Google search, it will display a "search" toolbar is in the bottom of the search results page, these words are closely related to your keywords, users in the actual use of the word, don’t ignore them, they will also remember your paper. I still use the "hair" and "off the word" hair search, attention for finding related words, try not to choose too long or less traffic, otherwise the search word correlation may not be too high. read more

GTmetrix professional free web page loading speed evaluation

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The following

3. a moment will be a result, provide a brief report to you (automatic rating Oh, and now the exam is like…


4. if you do not know your loading speed is fast or slow, you can enter a station to compare the results, such as the noble baby贵族宝贝

1. into 贵族宝贝gtmetrix贵族宝贝


2. map Analyze Performance of: input to test the web site:

here to talk about the method of use:

web page loading speed is the key for a website to imagine your love into a take a long time to be loaded in the website? Moreover, search engine also requests the web page loading speed. The web should be fast. read more

Grassroots webmaster reason for your answer web traffic anomaly

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industries has his pale, peak seasons, we take the lottery lottery software industry, we do business, lottery sales will have an impact on us. We are in the winter season, this time the traffic will be relatively large, and we will reduce the flow of summer. For this season and season, I usually compared to last year’s data, to see whether the lottery industry has a big change, so the data analysis can see the change of the flow is caused by changes in the market site traffic anomaly or entire lottery industry. read more

Correlation of readability strong original article is good article

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readable articles in the website content update in common, because a lot of friends often ignore the website content relevance of this condition, although his writing is very good, every day to record their activities in a mood of wedding photography website, no mention of a wedding photography one eye, that is in the form of a diary to record their day, this article may attract a lot of friends to watch, but the site is meaningless, the general needs of customers are not interested to see your mood diary, only to see the wedding photography price and service. read more

A man will chase a dream in marketing in Shanghai Longfeng middle school

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because I do the medical industry, medical industry saw this treasure network, slowly to the development of the network, all networks are of great customer source. It had said that an occupation: network editor. As a health care network, than other network editors need more attention, because your face is the patient, we must always with the idea in the first place, so as to make a series of medical network. So, how to start entering the network editor, medical Web Series code I wrote: "the three step is to do the work of health care network", seems to believe you will understand some things. read more

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